Best Cheap 360 Cameras 2022 (Under $100 / $200)

You don’t see the world around you in a rectangle or a square, and why should restrict yourself to that view in videos and photos? 360-degree cameras allow you to record everything happening around you at once. If you have a VR headset, like the Gear VR or Google Cardboard, you can enjoy that trip to the Grand Canyon, household birthday party or that concert at virtual reality and really feel as though you were not there. Or you can just watch 360 clips onto your phone or laptop after uploading to YouTube or Facebook.

Best Cheap 360 Cameras

Not everyone can shell out thousands of dollars for 360 cameras. High prices act as barriers for consumer mainstream virtual reality content production, which is needed to develop a flourishing ecosystem.

2018 will be an wonderful season for new vr cameras to appear as cheap options to shoot 360 photographs and virtual reality movies.

Fortunately, at VeeR we’ve compiled the most up-to-date list of economical and cost-effective 360-degree cameras.

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Are you interested in 360-degree photography and videomaking? Making content in this exceptional manner was prohibitively expensive until recently. Now, however, models that could have cost you a fortune a few years ago are deals worth your time. You’ll lose out on the latest features, but you’ll continue to have the ability to generate jaw-dropping 360 footage that appears good, whether viewed from a phone or your brand new VR headset.

These are the best cheap 360 cameras for bargain hunters who don’t want to compromise quality. They’re all simple to use, have good companion apps, and are great buys for anyone who wants to dip their toes into this new and exciting creative medium. Discover in our reviews which fits your needs best, and get into the 360-degree world frugally.

The best 360 cameras are a unique and exciting approach to capture images. Even though they passingly resemble the best action cameras in appearance, the truth is a lot more complicated and intriguing.

If you’re having difficulty understanding how 360-degree cameras operate, it’s best to look at it like this: imagine the scene recorded less a rectangle but on the interior of a world. When you’re viewing a 360-degree image or video, you are effectively positioned in the center of the sphere, navigating either by physically moving your smart device, by tapping via a touchscreen or transferring a window on your browser.

Everyone loves a bargain, and not everybody can afford the most expensive kit. Shooting in 360 used to be a very expensive affair, but currently there are more than a dozen all in one 360 cameras that are targeted at average consumers. Even so, many of them are still on the expensive side. With price tags up to $700 these distinctive cameras still aren’t the most pocket friendly devices.

In this article I will be focusing on 360 cameras which cost under $200, together with lots of retailing for a lot less than that. If you’re on the search for a cheap but good 360 camera, read on to learn what your alternatives are.

2018 is an amazing year for 360 cameras. A whole lot of firmware updates are made which only suggests that high-end priced best 360 cameras have lower their costs. And that’s where we come in.

Which of these brands is cheap without being left redundant? We are not going to be looking at GoPro Fusion, it’s not a cheap camera, and you’ll need good software to use it. In addition, we want the Insta360 One might have made it, but we’re about best 360 cameras under $200.

You should look forward to reading about their cameras. Whether you want a camera for those outside, VR, one which you can clip into your telephone, or a fun selfie stick camera, do not let your wallet keep you from watching everything. We have researched the market to discover the Best Cheap 360 Cameras.

Features to Consider in Good Cheap 360 Cameras


Whenever you have a multiple camera installation, it means you have to stitch everything together from all of your sources. You’ll need to think about the available sewing applications as some of them are overly complex to use. You are going to want to have more control over the material in case you don’t need to find pictures that evaporate round the stitch line.

Video and Image Resolution

Shooting with a 360 camera is not anything like a standard camera concerning resolution. You’ll discover that once you upload the movies, the resolution will go down significantly that is the reason why you will need the greatest possible resolution.4K resolution is very good especially if you’re into vlogging.

FPS (Frames per Second)

This attribute determines how easy your videos will be. To capture movies which are very similar to a film camera, you will need to consider a 360 camera with at least 30fps.


The lenses would be the most crucial component of a 360 camera. The more lenses that your camera has, the better it’ll be in making a 360-degree image. You’ll also want to know about its ISO range and the shutter time to be able to have an notion about what it is capable of filming.

Storage Space

360 content takes up more space than regular videos. Your camera will have to need to hold at least a 32GB SD card if you want to save a lot of videos and photos. But should you get your hands on one which supports 64GB, the better for you in a reasonable rate.

Battery Life

Finding the most running time is what you will want in a dependable 360 camera. But these cameras will need to process a good deal of stuff, so the longest you might be getting is a few minutes to an hour. A camera with rechargeable batteries sets you for lifetime. But it maybe not so much a better pick over interchangeables if you need to keep tracking the battery every few minutes.


360 cameras come in diversified sizes. A mobile camera is attractive if you’re shooting in the outside, and are carrying lots of equipment. But if you need more features a little camera may not provide you everything you are looking to get in 360 filming.

Companion App

How reputable is the connection to the program? Are you going to be experiencing any glitches and so are there any bugs which need to be mended? It’s crucial that the app be user friendly opening up possibilities for creating your shots perfect and worth reliving.

Best Cheap 360 Cameras Under $100

Here you can find the list of Top Rated Best Budget 360 Cameras Under $100 with their Pros and cons and detailed buying reviews. Choosing the Best Cheap 360 Cameras Under $100 is now easy with our comprehensive Best 360 Cameras buyer’s guide.

360fly 360 HD Video Camera: Great Outdoors 360 Camera

360fly 360 HD Video Camera

Why we like it: This digicam is rugged and water immune to help it address the outside. It is first-rate ideal for action taking pictures and bringing all your out of doors recollections to life.


360fly 360 HD video camera comes with an adhesive mount that lets you use it independently. It is a tiny portable device that is barely the size of a tennis ball. The camera has only one button that turns the camera on and also acts as a camera button.

This means you will get greater out of the companion app which opens up opportunities for taking pictures time-lapse videos and 16:nine layout POV videos. It is going to shoot 360 motion pictures above and horizontally It’s likely to shoot 360 videos over and like most small action 360 cameras, but it does not have depth perception since it’s only one lens.

You can get different mounts for this camera so you may attach it to different devices like a helmet. In this manner, you’ll be shooting videos hands free. The battery gives you up to two hours of recording. You get 32GB internal storage so that you can begin recording straight away. The videos can then be moved into a smartphone and edit them with the 360fly app for iOS and Android.

Convenient Feature

It’s possible to shoot videos that are viewable on social media platforms where they can be interactive or non-interactive. An interactive video will let your viewers scroll through the 360 video that you made, or you can decide on the angle of view that you would like the movies to be viewed. This camera can also be VR ready which gives you an opportunity to experience more by watching your footage together with VR apparatus.


Finding a 360 camera that’s rugged and water resistant is a huge plus when you wish to catch the action regardless of the outdoor conditions. 360fly lets you experience life more by being a good companion. Use it with a variety of accessories and never miss a thing since it can maintain almost any lifestyle.

  • It has 32GB internal storagenCompanion app works with iOS and Android smartphonesnIt can shoot virtual reality videosnIt has a durable housing that is water resistant to 33ft.nFlexible mounting system can work with a variety of accessories
  • Converted videos lose resolution

Gear Pro 360 Degree Sports Action Camera

Gear Pro 360 Degree Sports Action Camera

Why we like it: It gets sensible details on each films and still photographs. It is constructed to resist outside rigors, and it comes with accessories for attaching to handlebars and helmets. A splendid motion 360 digicam.


You will observe that the Gear Guru 360 is not just one of the smallest 360 cameras, but it’s also rugged. It may not take the best quality videos, but you receive 1080p HD videos that are fine to watch on displays along with your smart phone, but maybe not too much on VR.

This camera is Wi-Fi ready. It’ll connect to your smartphone where you can use the OTCAM program for iPhones and Android as a viewfinder. It allows you to see images in the eye of the camera so that you can know which regions you want to prioritize. It has a slot for an SD card that allows you save files and move them directly in the camera.

With a mini HDMI port, you may hook up with an HDTV and watch photos on a big screen providing you with a greater immersive revel in.

Convenient Features

We like all of the shooting modes within this camera. They comprise shooting of period loop videos in bursts of 1, 3, or 5 minutes. Additionally, it supplies a motion detection feature that is useful when you wish to use the automobile snap attribute and image burst photos.

The picture resolution could be adjusted from the highest 12MP to 8MP, 5MP, or 3MP. It has a miniature LCD screen that allows you to operate the camera independent from your phone, so you don’t have to bring your telephone near water.


Gear Pro 360 might not catch the highest quality footage. It is, however, small and durable. The camera captures in full 360, and it includes an HDMI port. For such a small device, we fill much could have been completed to enhance the features as just so much could fit in its own footprint.

  • It has an adjustable resolutionnOffers different shooting modesnLCD screen supports smooth operationnAccepts up to 32GB SD cardsnIt has an HDMI port
  • It does not work perfectly when you use it while charging

SJCAM 360 Action Camera

SJCAM 360 Action Camera

Why we like it: This is a exceptional amateur’s 360 action digital camera. It has over 2 hours of battery life while the Wi-Fi is became on and affords up to eight hours of standby time.


Most 360 actions cameras are mind-boggling like the Garmin Virb 360, but you will have to cough a good amount of money to possess it. For an action camera that will not starve your own pocket but will give you outstanding shots, SJCAM 360 is an excellent choice.

It shoots videos in 2K using a single lens. It will not cover complete 360 landscape, but rather you’ll be getting 360 x 220 degrees perspective. It is going to also take 1440p and 1024p videos all at 30fps. It does not have many options when it comes to resolution, but the camera is eager to deliver on the quality.

Using the threaded hole connector, you can use it with a slew of accessories like a selfie adhere to shoot distinct style videos. We particularly like that it can be connected to your drone to supply space-like images and videos.

Convenient Features

This camera supports instant sharing employing the SJCAM app. You can surprise your friends on Whatsapp and Wechat with breathtaking photos and do not forget that your followers on IG who are always on the lookout for something fresh to blow their minds.


The SJCAM 360 has lots of highlight features for an activity 360 camera. It shoots in different settlements to help extend the battery life. The only thing we didn’t like is the form factor since it’s top-heavy, it will not sit on a flat surface.

  • Long battery lifenSix 360 shooting modesnSupports instant sharing on social medianStable SJCAM appnGood quality 2K videosnEnjoys many possible connections with many accessories
  • It has limited audio quality

Best Cheap 360 Cameras Under $200

The Best Cheap 360 Cameras you can best buy right now. If you’re looking for something Best Cheap 360 Cameras Under $200 Reviews. Shop for Best Budget 360 Cameras Under $200 Buying Guide..

Ricoh Theta SC 360

Rico Theta SC 360

Why we like it: It captures 360 movies and photographs with one shot. It is a excessive-overall performance version that may be enjoyed by way of without a doubt everybody.

Ricoh Theta SC is a cheap 3600 camera that expresses quality and shoots movies and images in amazing quality. It has a easy configuration on the outside which makes it super simple to use. A beginner and a professional is going to have much like the exact same experience whilst bringing your memories near you.


This camera has folded twin-lens optics that let it take the streamlined form. It’s a portable design which you are able to take on outdoor trips. The camera captures video in total HD 1920 x 1080p and graphics at 14MP. It sits right in with entry cameras that offer high-resolution recording.

Ricoh Theta SC can be used with Android and iOS apparatus. Together with the Theta + and Theta + V apps, you will have the ability to edit your articles and make it shareable on social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, etc..

The apps are pretty fundamental, and we do not expect you having any issues with your videos and photographs. The programs allow editing of time-lapse videos, adding background music, cropping pictures, and lots of more. This camera is compatible with Street View app which lets you record and discuss 360 photographs as road view to Google Maps.

Convenient Features

Operating the Ricoh Theta SC is easy and easy. It has one shutter button with an ISO sensitivity of one hundred to 1600 for both nonetheless pics and movies. It has numerous taking pictures functions along with noise reduction, HDR rendering, DR reimbursement, c language shooting, and multibracket features for still images,

The camera also has a multitude of white balance modes so you can make the colors in your pictures warmer or cooler based on your own liking. The camera will execute the white balance automatically on videos so it’s going to be depicting scenes since they ought to be in actual life.


Looking at all the characteristics represented by the Ricoh Theta SC, it is without a doubt that is going to be a good purchase. We’d suggest this camera because of the continuous app upgrades which makes your videos in par with those of consumers having more costly versions.

  • Simple and smooth operating buttonsnSupports use on both iOS and Android phonesnThe Theta + and Theta + V apps are constantly updatednIt has four different colorsnIt has quick responsesnIt is VR readynContent is shareable on social media
  • It records videos only 5 minutes at a time

Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera

Ricoh Theta M15 360 Degree Spherical Panorama Camera

Why we like it: This digital camera is straightforward to use. It captures full 360 pix and video with fisheye lenses, and it is able to pan photos to offer your photographs speed and motion. Great for photos.


The Ricoh Theta M15 is the most exciting cheap 360 camera for shooting still photos. It’s two 180-degree lenses that catch a completely encompassed picture in one shot. Even though it won’t take the region below the camera, you can edit that with Ricoh Theta’s companion app.

You will like that you can pan and zoom around a scene to give you a feeling as if you are in the action. It’s by far the most exciting means of reliving life’s many special moments.

You can achieve so much with the app from swiping into rotating, pinching, re-sizing, and altering the form and makeup of your images. You may actually use it in order to take some awesome professional photos and also get to share with them on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

Convenient Features

The spherical character of taking images is all for this camera. It is possible to do so much with it, but the most fascinating is creating 360-degree panoramas. You can catch up to 1200 photographs and save them on the 4GB onboard storage. The two microphones on top of the apparatus work to capture audio on your videos.

You will love how easy it is to use this camera. It has some buttons which might be easy to master together with the electricity, shutter, and wireless buttons. It will sync all of your pix mechanically for your cellphone or PC for viewing.


Ricoh Theta M15 is great for 360 photos and videos in only 1 shot. It enables rapid Wi-Fi transfers which let you share your images with family and friends. If you are a selfie enthusiast or are starting out in 360 photography, then you’ll be delighted with the photos and the support software.

  • Can shoot 3 minutes of video footagenIt allows saving and sharing of photos on social networking sitesnOffers zooming and panning featuresnIt has functions for auto shooting, ISO priority, and Shutter speed prioritynRicoh Theta app can edit and share photos
  • Video image quality degrades in low light

Samsung Gear 360 SM-R210 (2017) Edition

Samsung Gear 360 SM-R210 (2017) Edition

Why we like it: It shoots motion pictures in 4K and helps stay streaming. The software has been upgraded to a much higher model that is easier to use.

After some of those drawbacks about the Samsung Gear 360 2016we had been somewhat hesitant to check into the 2017 Samsung Gear 360. But clients are vouching for it, and we could see why.


First, this camera comes at a fraction of the purchase price of high-end rigs, and you get to shoot movies in 4K and full 360-degree images. It’s compatible with Samsung smartphones and iPhone 6S, 6S+, 7 and 7S users but there are functions which are still limited to be used with iPhones.

You’ll have the ability to attach a rubber band in the base for stability when you want it to sit on a stable platform like a desktop. This camera charges by means of a USB-C port, and you’ll be able to use the camera when it’s still charging.

You can look forward to getting around 90 minutes of movie recording time which is one of the best considering the cost. It uses Wi-Fi connectivity to move files, but it takes long unless you have a Samsung S8 or S8+.

Convenient Features

Two lenses which catch 4K videos complement the sphere form of the camera. It’s a small price to pay since you’ll also be doing live archiving and archiving your videos directly online through the app.

The Samsung Gear 360 app has seen some substantial improvements which makes it increasingly helpful for converting and editing your videos. The app is only compatible with Samsung and iPhone users. It’s remarkable to find that it is going to perform automated stitching and switching of files to the supported format without changing the resolution.


Samsung Gear 360 2017 model will undoubtedly open up new worlds near you. Its quality of movies is outstanding especially since it does not reduce the resolution on Samsung phones. IPhone users will see a diminished resolution, however if you are searching for a 360 camera to check the waters, you are better off considering that version.

  • Record, share and live stream 360 contentnIt has a slim body for better gripnIt can be used with a tripodnSupports SD cards up to 256GBnHigh video and image quality
  • High-resolution videos are captured at max 24fps

Insta360 Android Air 360 3K VR

Insta360 Android Air 360 3K VR

Why we like it: It turns your Android phone right into a 360 digital camera. It supports stay sewing and streaming to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so forth.

Insta360 Air 360 is a light-weight and compact digicam with a view to connect to your smartphone via a USB type C. As long as your device runs model five.1 or better, you may begin experiencing the superb components of 360 imaging.


This version also follows a spherical design with double 210-degree fish-eye lenses. It weighs very little, so you don’t need to be worried about how it will sit in your phone. The camera captures videos in 2560 x 1280p resolution at 30fps. It leaves images in fantastic colour and contrast so it is going to represent lifelike footage.

It’s an even greater resolution for still images at 3k meaning you’ll be able to capture every single detail. This way all your memories will live on as they were, even as you roll by. We like that it supports live streaming by sending videos directly to your phone such it will sew them so that you may upload content that is beautiful for the entire world to see.

Convenient Features

Plugging this camera in your laptop will provide you a 360 webcam using a USB cable. It can allow you to hold meetings in professional settings by rendering images that reflect the best aspects of your encounters.

This camera is a good option for taking VR videos. It has a VR mode that you may easily change to and with the assistance of its advanced stabilization algorithm, you’ll have still videos that are worth reliving with a VR device.


If you want an ultraportable 360 camera to your Android smartphone, Insta360 Air has convincing reasons why it is for you. From quality images to live streaming and a program that will bring everything into perspective, Insta360 Air has your back.

  • It uses advanced stabilization technologynCan connect to a laptop for use as a 360 webcamnCompatible with a wide variety of Android phonesnReal-time stitching and broadcastingnVR mode creates VR content
  • Videos take up a lot of space on phones

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam

Why we like it: This camera is freezeproof to -10C, dustproof, shockproof, and water-resistant. Although it isn’t always forgiving while you drop it in water, it’s far the maximum rugged layout you can get for the money.

A yellow square foundation and a mirrored lens will give you complete 360 shooting instead of using multiple cameras. Kodak PIXPRO SP 360 lines up with outdoor excursions since it’s aimed at taking a decent beating in the outside.


This is actually the full-color spectrum so you will see images which are crisp clear as you shoot in ultra wide full 360-degree. The camera can be mounted up or down, and now also you can get images from any angle that you select. If you would like to an immersive experience of the videos you upload, it is going to deliver action from all sides.

When it comes to uploading of videos, it will not support live streaming, however you can find a 16:9 ratio complete HD movie that has been compressed into a format that is recognizable to social media websites. Videos in this format have minimum lens distortion and therefore are scrollable using a mouse.

Convenient Features

This camera records videos 5 or 10 minutes at a time. It does not offer 4K shooting capabilities, however you will get loop and also time-lapse recording. It also offers a motion detection feature which allows the camera to start recording if it detects movement.

It syncs with your smartphone such that you can make shooting commands and see exactly what the camera is viewing on your smartphone. It also has a slew of accessories which can make it completely watertight for water activities like scuba diving.


It allows you to capture a lot more and get a better perspective of your photos and videos. It is flexible, simple to control, and its content may be uploaded to social networking. You get a complimentary editing app that is simple to use also.

  • Supported by PIXPRO editing softwarenRugged design for outdoor usenIt has a monochrome screen to navigate the settingsnIt uses a powerful MOS sensornSupports up to 32GB SD cards
  • Formatted videos lose quality to a significant extent

LG G5 Friends 360 Cam: Great for Beginners

LG G5 Friends 360 Cam

Why we like it: It is a swish camera that could be a favored choice due to its lovely pix. Photos and motion pictures are well suited with Street View and YouTube.

LG G5 Buddy’s 360 Cam is possibly the simplest approach to encircle your world in a single shot. It will shoot VR movies that you could watch using VR devices or upload your videos to YouTube and photographs on Google Street View program.


This camera is short and sturdy, such that it matches perfectly in the hand. It does not lead on the attributes just by looking at it thanks to the subtle design that keeps it simple and portable. Once you remove the cover, you’ll find a full glimpse of the two lenses, one in the front and one in the rear.

LG offers complete 360 shooting, however you can elect to use one camera in a time when you don’t need 360 pictures. It shoots at 2k to provide you smooth movies that are perfect every way you examine them. The camera has to use your smartphone to get remote controls since it includes just two buttons and it doesn’t have a screen.

However, it can take videos and photos using the shutter button when it isn’t linked to your phone.

Convenient Features

The cellular app is everything on this camera. As soon as you turn on the camera, it is going to show up on your telephone’s Wi-Fi Settings for quick selection. Using the app, you can go for the automatic or manual settings.

It is possible to set the timer from 3-10 seconds so you can take images in a greater angle. This will reduce distortion and offer you clearer images.


LG G5 is an easy choice for smooth movies and excellent photos. It is more pleasing to see the videos you create on a bright day. 2K is a good start for a 360 camera, and also the companion app offers simple editing. It takes shareable material that doesn’t distort to a high level when you have transformed it.

  • Captures 5.1 surround soundnEditing software is solid and easy to usenTakes brilliant 2K videos and imagesnIt has automatic and manual controls via a smartphone
  • The content is not that great for viewing via VR

Insta360 Nano S 360 VR Camera

Insta360 Nano S360 VR Camera

Why we like it: This pocket-sized digital camera will give your iPhone the right setup for a 360 camera. It connects in your phone the use of a lightning plug, however it is able to shoot footage on its personal.

Insta360 Nano S 360 is a small module that has two fisheye lenses. Together, the 2 lenses capture 4K 3600 videos and 20MP still images.


This camera includes a list of intuitive features such as Multiview which allows you to record videos from each direction, and afterwards, you can arrange the views in 1 frame. Today you will have the ability to attain personalized shots.

It’s one of the most unique features; the free capture mode where you can aim anywhere you want and capture all you want. You can then note what’s important and use it as the highlights of your own shots.

Other useful features are the real-time stabilization and one-touch sharing that lets you flow 360 videos on social media. Now you can blow up Instagram with immersive videos.

Convenient Features

Insta360 Nano S uses gyro stabilization to capture smooth images even in situations where your hand could be vibration like walking fast or enjoying a game. This also counts for the smooth VR movies that you can capture with this camera.

When employed as an accessory for your phone, you will have the ability to use Insta360’s app as a viewfinder. In this manner, you can swipe your images around apply all the tips you need including the one which turns your pictures in a pencil sketch.


However, Insta360 Nano S gives you the ease of turning your iPhone into a 360 camera. It gives real-time stabilization meaning its ready to share anyplace at any time.

  • Shoots 4K videosnMultiview, capture free and real-time stabilizationnIt can capture VR contentnStraightforward companion appnLong-running time for up to two hours
  • It is not great at shooting in low light

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap 360 Camera

Before the dust GoPro action camera settles, there’s a new photographic and video technology known as 360. It allows you to capture videos and photos in full 360-degree panorama. These cameras utilize multiple fisheye lenses that supply the immersive experience offered by a 360 camera.

YouTube and Facebook support uploading of 360-degree videos and photos. Now you simply need to be familiar with qualities to look for to shoot the best articles to gratify your fans and followers.

Why Get a 360 Camera

It is so much fun shooting a 360 camera. Here are a few of the advantages of 360 cameras.

They Support Virtual Reality

More and more folks are using virtual reality for fun or work. Using a 360 camera, you can take your content which you can watch later using a VR device. There is a growing need for virtual reality content so that you can take advantage of a 360 camera to bring your content to users looking for new content.

They give an Immersive Experience

Video hosting sites like YouTube and Facebook are great ways to share your own experiences. Shooting with a 360 camera makes it more memorable making it more popular if you’re looking to get more subscribers.

It is the future of filming

3D TVs proven to be a fad, but 360 cameras are shooting off first. You can spot a few films that have used this technology, and it is just the beginning because as technology advances, professional 360 cameras will probably be more affordable.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a 360 Camera

Type of 360 Camera


These are the most common types seen in customer models. They are mostly utilized to create video hosting content which has flat renderings. They do not perceive depth, but you are able to move around the space. The filmed movie involves shooting with one camera and then stitching the subject of view from other cameras to produce the full picture.


It divides the input signal for every which results to a more immersive movie and shot. This content could be viewed using VR apparatus. The 3D aspect is what generates the depth perception and creates VR watching lifelike.

Support Firmware

This is a handy aspect of 360 cameras since you need all of the support you can get to use all the specs of your camera. This is in terms of the supporting applications that turns your movie to shareable content. Reading reviews will come in handy because you will get first-hand info about the experience of other users.

Converting Features

Most 360 videos will require editing. The process needs to be fast and simple whether it occurs to the camera or with a smartphone or tablet computer. It should be a painless experience so look out for cameras that are good on paper but will give you a headache when editing your content.

Where will the content be Viewed?

VR reality is a favorite stage for seeing your 3D content as you merely have to tilt your mind and feel as though you’re in the action. YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, Whatsapp, and Facebook are enabling uploading of 360 videos on their sites. The audiences will navigate the footage using a mouse after you’ve modified it.

360 videos can also be viewed on your phone by tilting it in various directions.

Recording Features

Shooting of videos and shooting shots are the fundamental features of a 360 camera. However, you can have more attributes including insertion, slow-mo and timelapse, live streaming, 3D sound, etc..


The areas you take your own camera will determine which camera you take. Even if yours can come cheap; at least look for strong bodies and dust resistance. Some will even provide splash resistance and water-resistance covers for water trips.

Final Words

We can all agree that finding a 360 camera can readily be a method of trial and error. But we would like you to get it right the first time with our Best Cheap 360 Cameras. You will get to catch the world as you see it and enjoy a lot of ways in which you can participate your 360 camera.

We didn’t rely on these cameras to have bleeding-edge specs, however they wowed us in ways we never imagined. You too can start shooting life in 360 using a practical and affordable 360 camera.

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