Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2022 (Under $50 / $100)

Best Cheap gaming headsets are starting to take more and more cues from the best gaming headsets on the marketplace. In some cases, they are a part of the same lineup of goods, and borrow the plan and a few of the components in their more premium siblings. In recent decades, this has made for some genuinely persuasive budget gaming headsets.

Best Cheap Gaming Headsets

Gamers will like to experience a game using a gaming headset to enjoy vibrant sound and picture they are actually in the game.

Some of them are simple affairs with stereo audio and a wired link, but some offer lag-free wireless links and 7.1-channel surround audio. We have taken all these factors into consideration in addition to comfort and build quality to pick out the best budget headsets you need to consider. We have had the chance to try out loads of these headphones and determine which prove their mettle and that are cheap for a reason. Thus, don’t select a gaming headset simply as it’s cheap when you can select one since it is good and affordable.

Need a new gaming headset and don’t wish to spend all your hard-won money on it? We do not blame you. Headsets can be awfully costly – and, even if you are unfortunate – break quickly.

Should you take gaming seriously then you know that a gaming PC itself isn’t the only thing which matters. Another necessary staff features a comfortable gaming mouse plus a pad for this, and a good gaming desk using a cozy chair.

You’ll also require a top-notch gaming screen for a lifelike picture, which often includes built-in speakers. However, if you can not envision gaming with no high quality audio then you will begin trying to find a gaming headset instantly.

Evidently, the entire list of gaming items mentioned previously may cost you a lot of money. So, to save your money and time we offer you the listing of the best budget gaming headsets that will let you enjoy a gaming process into the full and at the same time will not bankrupt you.

A gaming headset is a dedicated accessory only for gaming requirements. Like the typical headsets, a gaming headset comes with two components: an input device called as the mic or microphone and an output device called as speakers.
Gaming headsets are a must-have and especially so in the event that you participate in multiplayer games. How else can you communicate to your favorite fellow gamers without these? Headsets are essential in fostering your gaming adventures and so are your best ally should you would like to capture the minutest gunfire, footsteps and sniff the enemy from miles away.

Even when you’re on a budget, you’ll discover pretty superior headsets under $50/$100. We reviewed several gaming headsets from many famous brands based on the criteria below:

Features to Consider in Cheap Gaming Headsets

Purchasing gaming headsets is not as simple as just picking a pair. There is more to this exercise than you can image. Gaming headsets are of diverse types and include various features. Some are great for PC gaming, some work nicely with console gaming while some others are okay on the two platforms.

We prepared a detailed guide that will assist you to find the best gaming headset compatible with your hardware. Even better, we have reviewed a couple of quality, and comfortable gaming headsets that we think will provide you with immersive gaming adventures.

Build Quality

Considering that gaming headsets are used for lengthy durations, you’ll do yourself a disservice if do not check the structure.

Even if in a budget, you will find cheap gaming headset options out there construct with durable materials such as aluminum to the headband and pure leather to the ear cup. Such headsets aren’t only powerful but also remarkably lightweight and comfy.

The Microphone

Gaming headsets come complete with a mic and that is the way you tell between a headset and a gaming headset.

If granted an opportunity to select a headset with a mic built into the earpiece and a different pair with a mic arm, go with the latter.

Using a retractable microphone on the headset, then you have maximum control over it. Some gaming headsets also contain a detachable microphone. That way, you may use it if you need to communicate in-game along with your gaming friends.

What’s more, check the microphone has an in-line controller so you can conveniently adjust the game and talk quantity.

Connectivity Options/Wired or Wireless

As a gamer, you have access to a few connectivity choices. Would you like to go wireless or do you still appreciate the wired places? Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Wireless gaming headsets use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and do not keep you tethered. If you’ve got a wireless gaming headset, then you can stand and move about the space as you stretch those muscles without stopping the gameplay.

However, wireless headsets use batteries. It can get annoying and dull to keep replacing or recharging the battery. But that shouldn’t scare you as a few headsets come with batteries capable of lasting 10 hours and much more. All you need to do is keep it recharged awaiting another quest.

And of course that wireless headsets do not always provide consistent audio quality such as the corded or wired headsets. However, some headsets feature a workaround called AptX encoding making it possible for the collections to output sound with little to no quality corrosion while transmitting via Bluetooth.

PC gamers are much better off using wired/corded gaming headsets that require no charging. And unless you’ll be switching between PC gaming and console gaming, it’s not a must that you buy wireless gaming headsets.
There are wired headsets that use the traditional audio 2.5mm/3.5millimeter jacks while other use USB. For your 2.5mm and 3.5millimeter jacks, ensure that your computer has functional sound card integrated with the sound ports and drivers are up to date. A USB headset comes with a sound card embedded inside.

Sound Quality

For gamers, surround sound headsets will deliver blasts, gunshots as well as the smallest sounds in greater detail and with minimal distractions.

Headset Controls

Fantastic gaming headsets come with flexible controls embedded on the collections. These controllers are either right on the outer aspect of the ear cups or fitted on the headband. Controls come in useful in correcting the noise in addition to accomplishing other equally important tasks.

By way of instance, some headset controls allow you to switch between the conversation and the game audio. Others grant you the power to modulate your sound. And you achieve all that without needing to stop the game.

Headset Earcups

For optimal comfort, the interior side of the ear cups should be built with a supple and soft material. Are they open or closed? Go for the gaming headsets with open ear cups if you would like to keep your ears also hear the surroundings without disturbing others a great deal.

Even though the gaming headsets with closed ear cups can warm your ears up, they’re excellent if you do not want to get distracted by the noise around or others to listen to the gaming noises. In summary, they are outfitted with some sort of noise canceling technology.

Best Cheap Gaming Headset Under $50

Here you can find the list of Top Rated Best Budget Gaming Headsets Under $50 with their Pros and cons and detailed buying reviews. Choosing the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $50 is now easy with our comprehensive Best Gaming Headsets buyer’s guide.

Bengoo X-40 Premium Gaming Headset

Bengo X-40 Premium Gaming Headset

Why we like it: The light-weight design, soft ear cups padding, head cushion, and noise isolation functions are pretty cool.

Design features

Bengo X-40 gaming headset packs an excellent lightweight design you will love. Constructed with a skin-friendly leather cloth, the headset is more durable and will be your excellent ally when engaging in extended hours of gaming to the dead of the night.

So that your ears don’t become itchy or sweat, the headset includes superior and comfortable protein over-ear pads that allow proper airflow.

The headset also comes with a multipoint flexible head column with a soft cushion for the mind that guarantees maximum comfort so you are able to take part in the gaming quests for hours on end.
On both the right and left ear cups are slick LED lights that set you to the game mode and highlight your gaming atmosphere. A USB interface provides power to these LED lights.

What is more, the headset comes integrated with a lengthy microphone featuring a flexible design so that you may correct the angle when want to take a sip or smoke a cigarette. The headset’s mic is omnidirectional and has a superior noise-canceling attribute. It picks seems to minutest particulars and eliminates the ambient noise ensuring communicate with important clarity.

Bengo X-40 comes with a 49-Inch cable which includes an in-line rotary volume controller as well as the mic mute. Control the quantity effortlessly to your favorite levels to prevent developing hearing issues. What is up? Just mute the mic in-game whenever you need with no hassle.

Adding a surround sound stereo subwoofer, the headset sparks deep but very clear brass while eliminating noise from the surrounding. The outcome is vividly clear sounds ideal for your games.

Functionality & Compatibility

Bengo X-40 boasts broad application and works with visually any gaming device you can consider.

In to console gaming, this baby will work seamlessly with your PS4, Xbox One S, and Nintendo 3DS. It’s also compatible with smartphones and tablets.


Bengo X-40 is an outstandingly solid wired gaming headset. The sound isolation feature is excellent if you’re in noisy environment. With the skin-friendly cushion on ears and headband, it’s gaming nonstop.

  • Comfortable skin-friendly cushion for ear cups and headbandsnMulti-compatibilitynAdjustable mic with noise cancelingnQuality sound
  • In-line volume control

Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset

Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset

Why we like it: We like that the headset is light-weight, has a gentle cushion on the headscarf and smooth padding on the ear cups for most beneficial comfort.

Design features

Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset controls a metal lightweight and comfortable design ideal for extended gaming sessions.

The headset comes with an adjustable headband complete with exceptional tension controls so you can adjust the headset’s tightness to your preference for optimum relaxation.

Additionally, the gaming headset includes soft foam earbuds which do not only block annoying sounds from the encompassing but also allow air to permeate so your years stay trendy.

EG3 Gaming Headset includes a LED light which will help put you to the gaming style and welcome a trendy gaming atmosphere into the room.

Adjusting the volume in-line can be sometimes get annoying. Use it to control the quantity seamlessly.

The gaming headset comes with an adjustable mic fitted to it that you can use to talk with your gaming buddies on the other side. Embedded on the microphone is a mute control that you could use correct the microphone’s volume.

Functionality & Compatibility

The headset features 50mm neodymium drivers that provide top-quality stereo audio that will keep you completely immersed into the music or action.

Equipped with 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset allows you to customize the sounds to your preference. All you will need is to get the Mpow Gaming Software so you may hear gunshots & explosions and discover your foes from miles off.

Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset fairs excellently about compatibility. This headset will work with your PC, laptop and PS4 gaming console along with any other apparatus provided it may support USB.

If you use a Mac for the headset, music and microphone will work perfectly but does not support personalized music sound results.


For a budget gaming headset, we would state Mpow EG3 is worth every cent. It’s comfy and delivers exceptional sound quality perfect if you would like to sniff your enemies from afar.

  • Comfort headband cushion and ear cups soft paddingnEffortless volume control on ear cupsnSurround sound for quality soundsnAdjustable microphone with volume control
  • Doesn’t connect with Xbox console

Nubwo 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset

Nubwo 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset

Why we like it: Its mic has advanced cowl in addition to a volume manipulate that guarantees you talk along with your gaming teammates with last clarity.

Design features

If you’d like complete immersion and also to obtain an edge over your gaming friends, comfort is all about during your gameplay. Luckily, Nubwo 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset has made sure of that.

Crafted using a multi-point headband at a suspension fashion, Nubwo Gaming Headsets will adapt and conform to any head size and shape giving you the relaxation you need to perform for long periods of time.

On the ear cups is a soft memory foam that helps seal out the sound from the surrounding effectively immersing you fully into a completely different world. Keep shooting your enemy without any distractions from people around you.

And for your ultimate comfort, the headset includes air permeability mat or pillow that fits ergonomically on your head and ears keeping them comfortable and cool.

This headset also includes a high sensitivity 38±3dB mic designed for humans. On the mic are a superior cover plus a mic mute control that ensures that your fellow gamers hear your voice clearly. The mic boom captures not just captures the smallest human voice but also eradicates any background noises.

Functionality & Compatibility

Nubwo 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset comes with dual 50mm drivers that help deliver crisp and rich sounds with a solid bass when controlling the distractions.

This headset is multi-compatible and will support PS4, Xbox One, PC, laptop and Mac. Provided that your smartphone or tablet includes a USB or 3.5mm link, this headset will support them too.


Nubwo 3.5mm Wired Gaming Headset is an superb headset for expert gamers that will provide excellent sound and give comfort for hours.

  • Cushioned suspension style headset for comfortnPadded ear cups for ergonomic fitnSuperior microphone with noise cancelingnCompatible with many gaming platforms
  • Microphone not adjustable

GAKOV GAV 10 Gaming Headset

GAKOV GAV 10 Gaming Headset

Why we like it: The extremely-light but robust layout is valuable. Comfortable cushioned scarf and earmuffs plus the adjustable omnidirectional mic will wow you.

Design features

GAKOV GAV 10 Gaming Headset highlights professional gaming. Its new ABS injection molding renders them foldable. And to make them stronger, the headset includes 5 hardy and powerful screws.

GAV 10 Gaming Headset commands an ultra-lightweight design weighing less than 370gms. It is shaped based on the arrangement of your ear so it can fit naturally for hours of comfort.

Implementing PU high protein durable, scratch-resistant air permeable earmuffs, the headset will keep you extremely cool & comfortable from the start to finish.

Plus, underneath the headband is a pillow that ensures comfort for hours.

The mic is adjustable, omnidirectional and will pick up noise from any direction. Playing in a noisy room? The mic has a noise canceling function that reduces the ambient noise so your voice is apparent.

Just about to embark in your own Call of Duty, Fortinite or some other of your favorite game? Take advantage of this LED light fitted onto the headset’s side to create a gaming atmosphere.

Functionality & Compatibility

GAV 10 Gaming Headset gives you maximum control. Use the headset’s switch purpose to tune from low audio, medium audio to headset shake.

On the side is a switch control that you can use to adjust the volume or even mute the microphone with no hassles.

GAV 10 Gaming Headset is multi-compatible and uses a USB jack to hook into additional gaming equipment.

Featuring premium excellent wire cable, the signal from this headset is very solid. It brings to the table premium excellent sound reproduction which lets you hear and discover your foe from afar.


If you think you can not find cheap premium quality gaming headsets, then you are yet to try GAV 10 Gaming Headset. The headset is comfortable, the audio signal is excellent and is multi-compatible.

  • Adjustable, lightweight solid design for optimum comfortnRobust wires with excellent sound signalnCushioned headband, padded earmuffs for comfortnSupports multiple platforms
  • Not compatible with Xbox 360 u0026 PS3

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Why we like it: We love that the microphone is ultralight and features surround sound that lets in you to make out the enemy from a ways.

Design features

RUNMUS Gaming Headset boasts an ergonomic design. Built with a lightweight plastic material, RUNMUS Gaming Headset weight only 20oz and will supply you optimum comfort all day long.

The headband is self-adjusting and has a soft pillow to match any head size. Its over-ear ear cups feature a soft memory foam complete with bionic protein cushion coat covers providing a gentle grip for hours and hours of gaming.

RUNMUS Gaming Headset comes with an adjustable anti-static microphone with noise canceling to decrease the background noise so your communication is as clear as possible is that the audio signal is transmitted in real life without delay.
Integrated inside the gaming headset mic is anti-static technology that eliminates static sounds. In the spirit of teamwork, prepare to talk with your buddies with utmost clarity.

On each side of the headset are gloomy magnificent LED lights that help provide a gaming atmosphere. If you mute the microphone, the LED light also disappears.

Functionality & Compatibility

The headset employs 50mm audio drivers which are highly responsive combined with advanced audio technology. Easily determine from which direction the gunfire, enemy footsteps, along with other audio effects are all coming. Together with the true 7.1 surround sound effect, you can hear an enemy out of remote kilometers, which guarantees a competitive edge.


RUNMUS Gaming Headset is a quality wired gaming headset worth the title. It’s going support just about any platform and grant you a more competitive edge in multiplayer games.

  • Lightweight flexible designnHeadband cushion u0026 ear cups with soft-padding for comfortnSupport virtually any platformnOutstanding surround sound
  • Lacks in-built mic monitoring function

Best Cheap Gaming Headset Under $100

The Best Cheap Gaming Headsets you can best buy right now. If you’re looking for something Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Under $100 Reviews. Shop for Best Budget Gaming Headsets Under $100 Buying Guide.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset

Why we like it: You’ll love the strong aluminum, gentle leatherette creation plus removable mic as well as the difficult braided cable.

Design features

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset is constructed with a robust aluminum framework that renders it lasting and secure. You can be sure it’ll stand the rigors of everyday life at the hands of a hardcore gamer.

The over-ear ear cups comprise an award-winning HyperX exclusive touch memory foam. Furthermore, it comes with an enlarged padded headband full with soft pliable leatherate to your relaxation.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset has a removable braided cable for portability. In-line is a convenient audio control so you can adjust the sound hassle-free.

It also features a detachable microphone that has been certified by Discord and TeamSpeak. The mic has noise cancelation technology that suppresses ambient noises that you communicate clearly with your gaming mates.

Functionality & Compatibility

HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset is multi-platform compatible. It is going to support just about any platform including PC, PS4, Xbox One, mobile phone, tablet computers, Nintendo Switch and a lot of different platforms provided that they have a 3.5millimeter port. The headset can also be compatible with devices containing CTIA standard connectors.
Integrated using HyperXTM Cloud Dual Chambers Drivers, the headset removes any audio distortion to deliver sound with an extra ounce of differentiation in addition to clarity.


HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset is a great strongly built headset that supports almost any platform. The mic has noise cancelling function that is priceless. It enhances background noise for crystal clear communication.

  • Strong builtnComfortable ear cups memory foamnSupports virtually any platform with 3.5mm portnDetachable cable and mic
  • In-line audio control

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset

Why we like it: It’s wi-fi, the ear cups have a solid but smooth cushion for final comfort and sound is wonderful at a extensive variety.

Design features

Despite being under $100, this headset isn’t your everyday flimsy pieces. It has been built with alloy structural elements and reinforced with glass fiber to allow it to be robust and durable.

CORSAIR Void PRO RGB, Wireless includes ear cups including microfiber mesh fabric and soft memory foam. The property allows appropriate airflow so your ears remain cool and guarantees optimum comfort for hours of gameplay.

This gaming headset comes with a unidirectional microphone (100Hz — 10kHz) along with also a LED indicator for hassle-free mute. Equipped with sound cancelation function, the mic reduces the ambient noise permitting you to communicate clearly with your own team.

Functionality & Compatibility

The gaming headset has 20Hz- 20KHz frequency response from deep bass to high frequency. It also comes with 50mm custom-tuned neodymium speaker drivers that deliver authentic-to-existence sounds with -38dB (+/-3dB) sensitivity.

Employing the CUE applications, you can easily customize your headset’s sound experience as you would like and also sync with your RGB peripherals. This way you can control your competitors and enjoy the experience.

With its innovative 2.4GHz wireless technology, the Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound property produces immersive sound using up to 40ft wide selection and higher degree of accuracy up 16 hours battery runtime.

Although CORSAIR Void PRO RGB Wireless Gaming Headset is wireless and will connect to the world wide web, you could also hook it into a PC through USB cable. Additionally, it is compatible with Windows 7, 7 and 10.


To get a budget wireless gaming headset, we’d say it a fairly functional set. It’s comfortable, has a 40ft wide range and the sound selection and caliber are on point.

  • Robust built and comfortablenWide range accurate soundsnDolby 7.1 Surround SoundnUnidirectional high-frequency response mic
  • Mic only moves up and down

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Core Gaming Headset

Why we like it: We like the reality that it’s HiFi capable and will supply superior audio best to your gameplay in addition to track.

Design features

Hyper Cloud Core Gaming Headset functions over-ear ear cups with leatherette reminiscence foam. The ear cups rock the HyperX Cloud Core closed cup layout that reduces the surrounding noises so that your gameplay is without distractions.

Together with a soft leatherette soft-padded headband, the leatherette memory foam ear cups will guarantee maximum comfort even when you game for long periods of time.

It comes with a detachable microphone that is TeamSpeak-certified rocking the HyperX exclusive layout optimized for pro-gaming. Just to attach for game use and detach when you would like to listen to music only.

Functionality & Compatibility

Hyper Cloud Core Gaming Headset employs 53mm drivers that grants it HiFi capacities. You can expect superior audio quality whether tuned to the crystal crisp and clear low, mid or high tones.

This headset works with PCs, PS4, portable devices, and Wii U. For the headset to operate, the gaming equipment must have 3.5millimeter ports.


Hyper Cloud Core Gaming Headset are super comfortable, deliver outstanding sound and therefore are multiplatform compatible.

  • Comfortable soft padding headband and memory foam ear cupsnHi-Fi capable with superior sound qualitynMultiplatform compatiblenDetachable microphone
  • The mic picks up your breathing sounds

CORSAIR Void PRO Surround Sound Gaming Headset

CORSAIR Void PRO Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Why we like it: The 7.1 Genuine Dolby Surround Sound ensure the set can provide surprising audio nice.

Design features

CORSAIR Void PRO Surround Gaming Headset controls exceptional built quality comprising metallic structural components plus glass fiber-infused plastics to ensure long term durability.

The headband has the same mesh design complete with a soft cushion to permit optimum airflow and keep you comfortable for hours.

You’ll love the simple fact that the volume control and mute button are all on the headset and not somewhere online. Those who appreciate this kind of function will inform how annoying it can get to fumble around trying to find the volume control on the line.

Featuring an optimized noise-canceling microphone, CORSAIR Void PRO Surround Gaming Headset efficiently lowers the ambient noise for increased voice quality when conversing with your gaming teammates. To muffle into the headset microphone, simply stow it up and down.

Functionality & Compatibility

CORSAIR Void PRO Surround Gaming Headset includes custom-tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers that deliver superior excellent sound on a broad range with outstanding accuracy level.

This headset can be used with multiple platforms directly from PC, mobile devices, PS4 to Xbox One.

Unlock the Dolby headset 7.1 surround sound with the added PC USB adapter. Sit down and enjoy immersive audio with a large selection and outstanding level of precision.


With the CUE software, you’ve got full control over the whole features of your headset. It provides an easy to use interface whereby to custom tune the sound and effortlessly synchronize with your RGB peripherals.

  • Strongly built and comfortablenSuperior high-accuracy sound qualitynUnidirectional microphone with noise canceling technFull control over the audio with CUE software
  • Mic only moves up and down

Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset, Closed Back

Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset, Closed Back

Why we like it: We suppose the split scarf layout is quite cool for spreading stress to make certain hours of consolation.

Design features

For optimal durability and years of gaming, Sennheiser GSP 300 Gaming Headset has been designed using high-quality materials.

Crafted with soft memory foam earpads, the headset guarantees optimal comfort for hours of gaming. Playing with your games a noisy room? The closed-back design in addition to the memory foam efficiently isolate the ambient noise so there are not any distractions.

The headband is divided (a rare design not seen in others) to help disperse the pressure for maximum relaxation. Sennheiser GSP 300 will sit gently on your head for hours and hours of gaming.

What is more, match on the headset is a noise-canceling mic that isolates the background noise to ensure your gaming buddies can listen to your music clearly.

Do not you hate it if you need to adjust the volume or mute from a control button ? Fitted on the ear cups is an intuitive volume control feature which permits you to conveniently adjust the volume.

Functionality & Compatibility

Sennheiser GSP 300 delivers exceptional audio quality with superb bass performance and high-level acoustic clarity. With this headset, you gameplay must get completely immersive.
GSP 300 is compatible with PCs, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One. Use the USB connector to hook to the various gaming gear.


Well, Sennheiser GSP 300 is a premium gaming headset for beginners and experts alike. You will prefer the closed back design that isolates the background noise.

  • Remarkable comfortnClosed back designnHigh-quality sound quality with superior claritynNoise-canceling microphone
  • Cable feels flimsy

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets

In picking gaming headsets, there many are several factors to put under account if you’re to make a logical choice. We discuss just some of these.

Gaming Platform

Before all else, think about the game titles you enjoy as well the platform that you use to play with them. Is the headset question compatible with your platform?

Some producers have done an excellent job of designing multiplatform headsets that may utilize PCs, MAC and consoles such as Xbox and PS4. Plus, these headsets effective at working with many platforms are fairly cheap.

Open or Closed?

If you hate distractions when working or don’t want to create sound for other people, a headset with closed ear cups is your best option. But you are going to need to deal with sweaty or warm ears.

Headsets with open ear cups are okay for those who don’t play noisy environment. Even though those around you will still hear minimal noises emanating from the sets, they are perfect for keeping your ears cool.

Comfort & Functionality

Therefore, you need headsets that are lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended durations.

Headsets with ill-fitted headbands or even ear cups can make your gaming very hard. Although headsets with leather ear cups although no mesh may feel durable and texture lavish, if used for extended durations, your ears will probably be all sweaty and hot. Something gentle or spongier yet robust can do for ear cups.

Additionally, check that the gaming headset includes a padded headband. Imagine the distress of having a headset with plastic and metallic rings with no headband padding for hours on end.

Quality headsets have been built with superior but lightweight materials. When at all possible, a headset should be flexible so that it can relaxation to the dimensions of your head. It should not fit snugly but rather rest lightly for your relaxation.

Spare Parts Availability

We all want a quality constructed and comfy headset that can last a couple of years. But with continued use, things like the earbuds will wear out. How simple is it to find a replacement for any part of the headset?

The Headset Features

Headsets come with different features. But you wish to get a set with all of the characteristics you need for your gameplay and maximum relaxation. Does this have soft ear cups, retractable/detachable mic, soft headband, adjustable headset control, connectivity etc.. ?


The cost is also an important element to take into consideration when looking for the headsets. You will receive very good quality wired gaming headsets under $100 and even under $50.

Even though you’ll still land an excellent headset only below $100, superior ones, comfy and with excellent sound quality will cost you over $100.

Basically, the principle of the thumb when choosing a headset is to make certain it comes with features you prefer as a gamer and offered at your budget.

Wrapping up

Each serious gamer out there knows the importance of sound. A quality gaming headset will raise the standard of sound and also get you fully immersed in the gameplay. Should you just happen to take part in multi-player games, then you can use the microphone to speak with your gaming friends miles off. We hope you’ll discover an excellent quality, comfortable and affordable gaming headset that will advance your gameplay.

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