Best Cheap Gaming Mouse 2021 (Under $25 / $50)

Possessing the best cheap gaming mouse could make all the difference to your whole gaming experience. Whether you’re playing your favorite online shot or a MMO, with your most-used skills bound to programmable buttons can offer you an advantage over a traditional mouse. Of course, most gaming mice seem pretty flashy too and can complement the look of any high-end gaming PC.

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

In addition to the advantage that the best mouse may give you when playing your favorite games, it is the main way you interact with your PC, together with the best gaming keyboard. You would like it to be comfortable under your hands together using the buttons in easy reach. Longer gaming sessions should not feel like a chore for your mouse .

Esports is now a very serious company, and finding the best cheap gaming mouse is a significant thing, particularly when frames per second (FPS) is at stake. They are available in many different shapes and sizes, so you’re guaranteed to obtain the best fit for the own setup. The best mice will offer many features which don’t interfere with the FPS, and wireless mice are the most popular, as they consume more room and look awesome sat in your PC gaming desk.

Some of these cheaper mice also contain additional buttons, which may be bound to in-game items. Besides the weights and sizes, are also the different button configurations that are available. Additionally, there are many different colours and dots per inch (DPI) configurations that can be discovered on the best mice.

If budget isn’t an issue, you might want to check out our best gaming mouse manual instead. Finding a mouse having a good optical sensor is vital also, as this ensures optimal FPS.

Though playing FPS games would be the main focus of these mice, it’s also good to know they function as a daily driver, so we’ll also be looking at the practical elements of each mouse. Do you prefer a wireless mouse? Or do you want a traditional, wired mouse?

Having the best gaming mouse is an important part of any quality gaming rig. It may be an afterthought for some but it actually should not be. If you would like to get the best from your rig, which hopefully starts with a few of the best gaming PCs, you must consider every peripheral. Including your mouse. You will want one designed specially for gaming which will help your performance instead of hindering it. The best gaming mouse is crucial no matter if you are a casual gamer or trying to go toe-to-toe in the latest esports.

When you’re gaming on a PC, among the most essential pieces of your setup is your mouse. In many games, it’s more basic to how well you will perform than your processor or even graphics card. While there are lots of costly gaming mice offering loads of features, promising to allow you to play better, you can go a very long way on a budget gaming mouse if you understand what to look for.

We have tested many of the best gaming mice and understand just what exactly makes for a good input device. Fortunately, a number of the businesses behind high-end gaming mice take aspects of those devices and bring them down to budget models. You’ll be able to acquire accurate laser and optical sensors, reliable buttons, and also some fanciful light.

Budget is always a vital consideration. Most people feel that getting a mouse priced over $100 is your best way to go; that is correct for most but not all gaming mice. You can find a good gaming mouse for under $50 and $25.

Here you are not considering the latest specs, but mice which have been in the market long enough to possess advanced versions like the old versions are true as ever, but they are cheap.

Features to Consider in Cheap Gaming Mice

DPI (Dots Per Inch)

Even though it might be impacted by scaling Windows applications, it is going to provide you a fairly good idea of this responsiveness you want in each individual game.

By way of instance, if you’re continuously moving the mouse, you’ll require a high DPI in which you do not have to move the mouse on a very long space to move the cursor on a big distance.

Low sensitive mice possess a DPI out of 400-800. This usually means that you need to use big sweeping moves.

An extremely sensitive mouse will need using just the hand or wrist to make the majority of the motions you have to have in a special game. You might even opt to choose a moderate DPI such you could use the arm along with your wrist to move the mouse within the required space in the game.

Laser vs. Optical Gaming Mice

Gaming mice utilize an optical detector, but a laser mouse uses a laser for lighting. It’s good on reflective surfaces whereas optical detectors are best for rough surfaces.

Laser mice are vulnerable to dust that might impact their lifespan. On the flip side, optical mice have a very low margin of error, however you’ll need to think about the kind of surface.


The rate in which the cursor goes into the rate of transferring the mouse is referred to as acceleration. It functions as a standard feature that you won’t have the ability to modify. For more hand moves, very low sensitivity is necessary so you may maintain control in any respect times.

Polling Rate

This feature indicates the amount of times the mouse detector reads its place on the display every second. A top polling rate means the mouse has a much quicker response rate. This attribute is a necessary concern for hardcore gamers.

Keep in mind that a rather high polling rate will slow down your pc as it will constantly be updating the position of the cursor.

Best Cheap Gaming Mice Under $25

Here you can find the list of Top Rated Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $25 with their Pros and cons and detailed buying reviews. Choosing the Best Cheap DSLR Camera Under $25 is now easy with our comprehensive buyer’s guide.

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Gaming Mouse

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: This is a pinnacle-rated wi-fi mouse that you can take anywhere. It affords advanced performance with a extensive variety of laptop video games.

Design Features

Operating on the 2.4Ghz band and a range of 15 meters, the VicTsing MM057 gaming mouse allows you to take the game with you. It is also the ideal mix for a gaming PC as you don’t need to sit in your desktop to enjoy hours of gaming.

This really is an ergonomic mouse which resembles another office mouse just it has three extra buttons. Among the buttons will adapt the five DPI settings from 800-2400 DPI. Additionally, it has two additional added buttons where you can program them to perform just any function. For users that are right-handed, it’s quite comfortable to use for extended intervals. It’s a nuisance to use for lefties because of the location of these buttons.

It has a remarkable battery life of around 15 months. It saves you from constantly changing the batteries. With a sleep mode that activates after 8 minutes of inactivity, the battery life is prolonged even further.

Convenient Features

VicTsing MM057 uses an optical sensor. It makes it’s sensitive to a vast array of surfaces but not glass. Whether you’re using it on the workplace or a mouse pad, the mouse will monitor smoothly to create your gaming experience more comfortable.

You will like it is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you possess a gaming Macbook or you also want to take your games in a Notebook, it’s yours for the taking. We adore the overall build as it is minimalistic, but it’s a sturdy construction which suggests longevity and reliability.


VicTsing MM057 is a wireless gaming mouse that gives you rapid connectivity speeds without being tethered to a computer. You have to take it everywhere and use it provided that you would enjoy because of its ergonomic design. It’s a relatively highly sensitive mouse that’s acceptable for MMO, combat, stealth, FPS, and RTS gaming.

  • Wireless capability
  • 5 adjustable DPI settings
  • 15 months of battery life
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Comfortable rubber scroll wheel
  • Laser sensor for use on many surfaces
  • 50ft wireless distance
  • The grip is not comfortable in large hands

HAVIT HV-MS672 Wired Gaming Mouse

HAVIT HV-MS672 Wired Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It is a plug-and-play mouse that works proper of the bundle. The mouse includes stunning respiration hues to get your mindset in the sport.

Design Features

HAVIT isn’t a new name in gaming. The HV-MS672 represents among their budget-friendly gaming mice intended for entry-level gamers. The size of this mouse suggests it will be slightly uncomfortable with small hands. It has a large build maybe to show its for gaming that makes it expansive and uncomfortable for many users.

When you want to track the DPI setting that you have, the mouse will automatically flash a certain color that indicates the DPI level. This way, you can go lower or higher . The mouse is intended to have seven breathing colors that continuously change. This feature adds to the gaming appearance of this mouse.

This mouse includes six buttons. The buttons work as the page forward and page backward buttons in your browser. However, it does not have the back and forwards like in different mice which can be complicated to get used to.

Convenient Features

HAVIT HV-MS672 includes a 5.5ft long USB cable. It provides comfortable access to the mouse from an perfect space from the PC. The gold-plated connector features resistance against water, dust, and rust. Not forgetting that it may track well on several surfaces due to its laser detector.

To control the LED lighting, there’s a switch underneath the mouse which will help turn off the LED.


HAVIT has performed an excellent job giving you a sensible mouse for all your gaming needs. It’s robust, ergonomic, and most of all true. If you are looking to game for hours and hours, its lightweight design is all you need. Go and experience cheap performance with the HAVIT HV-MS672 gaming mouse.

  • Two programmable buttons
  • Solid build for long-term usage
  • Seven LED breathing lights
  • Woven USB cable with gold-plated connector
  • 4DPI levels
  • No additional software needed before using it
  • It does not feel comfortable in small hands

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300s Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: Both lefties and right-passed game enthusiasts can use it. This mouse has nine programmable buttons for extremely good gaming manipulate.

Design Features

Logitech sets the speed in the area of gaming. Their gaming mice are especially expensive if you don’t happen across an old model like the Logitech G300s. This mouse has been crafted to give smooth gameplay. It is beneficial for any game thanks to its elastic DPI out of 250-2500.

It’s on-the-fly DPI settings that allow you to make fast changes. With nine programmable buttons and three onboard profiles, you’ll have the ability to devote the majority of the essential functions of the computer keyboard to the mouse. It doesn’t come with the programming software something which we don’t like on this mouse. Nonetheless, it is readily available online, so you just download and install in simple steps.

This mouse includes a design layout that allows the middle fingers and palms to move freely without causing any strain. You will prefer the tactile feedback and that it is possible to use it with either the left or the right hand.

Convenient Features

We find it intriguing you could select unique colors for the consumer profiles. It permits you to keep tabs of the profile you are using say you have your purposes set for Far Cry and also have other purposes for Gigantic on a different profile, your used snipping commands are going to be on your palms.

The stored profiles also come in handy once you want to play using a different PC.


If you need a gaming mouse constructed with programmability in your mind, Logitech G300s is a unique consideration. It may not be weighted but it lets you’ve got most gaming commands in your mouse.

  • On-the-fly DPI settings
  • Five levels of DPI
  • Nine programmable buttons
  • Three onboard profiles
  • Lighting is configurable to seven different colors
  • Ambidextrous shape
  • It can take a while getting used to the pinched design

Redragon M601 Wired CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse

Redragon M601 Wired CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It has lovely workmanship such as adjustable weights and an ergonomic grip for long hours of gaming.

Design Features

Having a durable ABS construct, the Redragon M601 is a comfortable mouse. It gives real cash worth owing to its precision and quality. This mouse provides you five programmable buttons and four degrees of DPI alterations. It includes five onboard profiles where you can save any gaming function.

Together with the Teflon feet along with a laser detector, the mouse will track very well letting you game for hours with absolute relaxation. We like that it has an 8-piece weight tuning collection of 2.4gram each. You may remove and insert the weights based on the weight you have to have in the mouse.

It’s a braided fiber cable which assures you of its use for quite a while. You may use it in a fair distance meaning you do not have to be next to your PC for comfortable handling.

Convenient Features

Redragon M601 has red backlighting. It aligns itself with gaming attributes. For some users, this lighting may be too bright for comfort. It is a bit of a process to turn the lights off as it involves attaching the mouse and taking away the lighting connector that can be accomplished.

This mouse is grippy. Except for the scroll wheel that can be somewhat slippery, the buttons have been stitched to fit most hand grips. It should not be an issue whether you’ve got small or large hands.


Redragon M601 seeks to meet the requirements of the gamer by supplying a mouse that’s comfortable for long gaming sessions. It’s adjustable DPI and weight making it even more functional in gaming.

  • 4 levels of DPI
  • 5 programmable buttons
  • Five onboard profiles
  • 8-piece weight tuning set
  • 6ft. braided fiber cable
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • The brightness level is a pain to adjust or turn off

LENRUE Laser Gaming Mouse

LENRUE Laser Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It has a clean rubbery surface for grip consolation and accurate DPI settings. For the low fee, it is as appropriate as you can get.

Design Features

LENRUE falls into the category of cheap gaming mice with functional features. Whenever you are out looking for a gaming mouse and also don’t wish to give it lots of thought, simply catch the LENRUE. Each of the six buttons are programmable. It can allow you to get your computer keyboard controls on the mouse, which means you don’t have to keep reaching to the computer keyboard in a fast paced game.

The mouse has a unique look as it includes a flashy exterior combined by a rubbery feel. You are up to hours of gaming without placing any unnecessary stress on your palms. The fours levels of DPI with 3200 being the highest and 500Hz polling speed showcase a mouse built to work at the right rate in any way times. This feature enhances control such you could concentrate on the game rather than on the place of the cursor.

The DPI levels match a particular LED color. For instance, pink is for 1600DPI while purple represents 3200 DPI that’s the greatest. It makes it easy to keep tabs on the DPI according to this game.

Convenient Features

It is a unique quality that gives it a plus as a budget pick. To start allocating macros, you’ll have to download the applications from LENRUE site.

You might not even have to use the software if you’re buying this mouse for workplace use.


LENRUE works flawlessly and correctly. It’s DPI settings that are ideal for gaming and other complex activities. The overall build of this mouse also indicates that it can take a beating as a result of the metal and rubber housing. And the best part is that it comes in a fraction of the price of other gaming mice.

  • Four DPI settings with DPI button
  • Six programmable buttons
  • Rubbery grip
  • Durable metallic base
  • Four breathing colors
  • High-precision polling rate
  • The programmable function is not applicable with Mac OS

Best Cheap Gaming Mice Under $50

The Best Cheap Gaming Mouse you can best buy right now. If you’re looking for something Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Under $50 Reviews. Shop for Best Budget Gaming Mouse Under $50 Buying Guide.

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It has wireless comfort without suffering input lags. The mouse can be used for a long time because of its 250 hours of battery life.

Design Features

Logitech G602 allows you to game with no cable with equivalent or better enter rates as that of a wired mouse. For many folks, wireless mice could be frustrating and slow, but Logitech has made it with their nano receiver combined using an extender cable, so you can have greater rates on the 2.4GHz band along with a 2ms response speed.

It’s one the maximum amount you can get in this price range, letting you install macros and most of games’ controls on the mouse. In case you’ve got a PC and a laptop, you may use the mouse on each apparatus and possess your gaming profile with you.

When you need pixel-precise controller, Logitech G602 provides you DPI as low as 250. When you need speeds to sniff out competitions, you’ll be glad with the 2500DPI. It includes two buttons to assist toggle through five DPI degrees.

Nonetheless, it’s somewhat tricky to utilize the programmable function on Windows 8.

Click on the properties to upgrade the driver. Pick the choice that says browse my computer for driver applications, click to wherever the Logitech Gaming Software is situated, click , and you’re finished.

When you’re finished upgrading the program, it must currently be Logitech Gaming Keyboards. You can now open it and utilize the functions of this mouse which you will need.

Convenient Features

This is due to the usage of a Delta Zero Sensor that offers extended battery life of this mouse. The Delta Zero Sensor additionally provides you high precision management.

It’s a power saving mode that you can use whenever you wish to carry on the life span of this battery when it’s running low. You could even use optional software which will inform you if the battery is reduced so you can change the batteries in time.


Logitech G602 strikes all the ideal notes at a gaming mouse. It’s been built to take on each of the rigors of gaming including the outside and even being lost multiple occasions. It expresses precision and durability unlike any other gaming mouse on the budget.

  • Durable exterior improves longevity
  • Adjustable DPI from 250-2500
  • 250 hours of battery life in gaming
  • Lag-free with a 2ms response rate
  • Nano receiver extender
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • The quality of the scroll wheel is not as great as it can stop working before it even shows signs of a beating

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Razer DeathAdder Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: This mouse has tracking and gaming overall performance this is unequaled. It is small and ergonomic to suit with no trouble in maximum hands.

Design Features

Razer DeathAdder Chroma comes with premium features which you could only expect when you’re tight on money.

This mouse utilizes an extremely accurate optical sensor and DPI levels of up to 10,000. It exacts gaming speeds that you need when you need slow or fast movements. Whichever game that keeps your body drained and you can not let go of the mouse, this version will handle it like a pro.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma includes two programmable buttons around the face of the mouse. You can allocate a few functions to help in RPG and FPS games. The mouse uses Razer software that you’ll have to keep upgrading to have the mouse performing perfectly.

Convenient Features

If you like some splash of colour, Razer gives you the color spectrum to use. You may use any colour to light up the scroll wheel and Razer logo with this mouse. Using its advanced optical detector, Razer DeathAdder is capable of tracking on many surfaces such as newspaper and even glass tabletops.

This mouse is intended for right-handed users. It supplies you with rubberized grips which are textured to avoid sliding. The buttons are all placed in a comfy distance such that you will truly feel the buttons naturally.


Razer DeathAdder Chroma thrives in being a true and flexible gaming mouse. It has quite high DPI settings which you will probably never need, but for what it’s worth, you won’t be wishing for a high DPI mouse when the situation warrants it.

  • Ergonomic design for right-handed use
  • Accurate DPI for all types of games
  • Its optical sensor can track on most surfaces
  • Two programmable buttons
  • Rubberized grip
  • Provides backlighting with all colors of the light spectrum
  • It needs constant software updates for seamless performance

Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

Corsair M65 Pro RGB FPS Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It has an plane-grade aluminum housing with surface calibration and tuning capability.

Design Features

With the help of Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) software, it is possible to configure the buttons the way you enjoy as well as create macros and personalize the three-zone RGB lighting. You’ll be gaming on your terms which makes it an outstanding mouse for everyday gaming.

This version offers you an exact PMW3360 optical detector that is made mostly for gaming. You can play slow and fast paced games with optimal accuracy as it supplies you pixel-precision on almost any surface.

Corsair M65 Pro uses Omron switches to take you through demanding gaming sessions. The switches give responsiveness and durability. This mouse has been rated to 20 million clicks. It is really a representation of what you are getting.

Convenient Features

This scroll wheel is rubberized, and we’re glad it doesn’t create a screeching sound when you have used it for quite a while.

The mouse features eight weights to tune in to your own liking. If you have small hands that cannot handle massive weights, you get to remove some of them and vice versa.


Corsair M65 Pro is a special model that includes quality features. It’s best for FPS due to the snipping button. It provides programmability and customization options as a result of the CUE program. You’ll also discover that it’s lightweight and durable because of the aircraft-grade aluminum housing.

  • 20 million clicks lifespan
  • Tactile precision with Omron switches
  • Adjustable tuning weights
  • Up to 12000 DPI with RGB lighting
  • Programmable function using CUE software
  • Seven programmable buttons
  • It is more applicable to a claw grip than a palm grip

Redragon M901 Perdition MMO Gaming Mouse

Redragon M901 Perdition MMO Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: The mouse is incredibly responsive with 18 programmable buttons for MMO, MOBA, and RPG games.

Design Features

We find all of the keys buttons to be placed such you will never overlook the button you would like to click. Each of the twelve negative buttons is angled to ensure you’re clear on the one you desire. The DPI controls are on top of the mouse so no worries of changing the DPI accidentally.

Perdition provides you adjustable DPI out of 1000 to 24000. It also gives you 18 programmable buttons and five onboard profiles. You are able to use this mouse using different computers and also get to get your profiles in your convenience. This mouse has adjustable LED lighting which you are able to devote your profiles. It’s a thoughtful way of ensuring you’re aware of your profiles.

Additionally, Redragon uses Omron Microswitches. They have decent tactile feedback that provide you with swift actuation. You’ll be able to click faster without pushing the buttons all of the way. It provides you an edge over your opponents as you will be a click ahead which signifies the difference between carrying a shot and shedding a target.

Convenient Features

For superior tracking, this mouse incorporates durable Teflon ft. They reduce friction which then provides you control over the mouse. When you’ve been moving the mouse for hours, then the mouse base can get sexy and slippery that’s why you have the durable Teflon feet that won’t fall off or wear away before exhausting usage for this mouse.

Long USB cable that is braided and combined using a gold-plated connector for durability.


Using its 18 programmable buttons, it’s just a matter of time before you start making more wins. You can save profiles and use them with other computers.

On the other hand, the 12 side buttons can be hard to reach when you’ve got short fingers and small hands. Therefore, it is only ideal when you’ve got big hands with long fingers, or if you do not mind shifting your hand to press on the 10th-12th button.

  • Coarse surface enhanced grip
  • Adjustable DPI from 1000-24000
  • DPI controls on top of the mouse
  • Omron Micro-switch for tactile feedback
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • Customizable LED lighting
  • Durable Teflon feet
  • 12 side buttons are not comfortable for short fingers

SteelSeries Rival 100 Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 100 Gaming Mouse

Why we like it: It is an elegant mouse that is opposition prepared. It has a durable construction to offer years of use in great situation.

Design Features

SteelSeries Rival 100 includes a cozy feel for all traction fashions. The buttons give visual feedback that’s reliable with the majority of games. It provides the most natural treatment by making use of the TrueMove Sensor which has low latency and reactive monitoring. This attribute enables it to be used with various surfaces without leaping or using the sense of drag.

This mouse includes DPI degrees around 7200, and high-speed flicks around 240. It’s related with RPG and MMO games in which you require optimum precision and balanced rates for your end. It’s an ergonomic 6-button layout, and all of the buttons are programmable.

It supplies storing of gaming configurations on the mouse such you could use it together with other gaming peripherals. With an optical detector, you might need to think about the sort of surface you will use it with, but it is going to work with many surfaces that are rough.

Convenient Features

It’s a type of responsive lighting which changes based on in-game occasions such as kills and very low ammo.

You may like this mouse is more lightweight, weighing in at just 3.04 ounces. It is the kind you select when you know you’ll be facing your PC for hundreds of hours.


It’s durable, dependable, and functional for many gaming requirements. It’s the best addition for several grip fashions such as when you need to explain the mouse with a couple of pals.

  • Six ergonomic buttons are all programmable
  • 30-million click lifespan
  • Prism RGB lighting
  • TrueMove1 highly-accurate optical sensor
  • Lightweight construction
  • The scroll wheel can be a little too easy to scroll that you can scroll accidentally at times

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Gaming Mouse

Every serious gamer needs a gaming mouse that can kick ass in every game you throw at it. Prior to investing in your next brans, here are some factors to consider.

The difference between a gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse.

Your Grip Type

Palm Grip

In this grip, the hand holds the mouse at a natural and relaxed manner. It’s possible to use the whole middle and index fingers to click on the mouse. Mice for this particular grip have a higher arch and thumb indent. They also tend to be heavier.

Claw Grip

If you are a claw grip, your upper hand is usually rested on the base part of the mouse in an arched manner. You usually use the tips of your middle and index fingers to click the mouse. It is common with RTS gamers. With this grip, you will require a medium arch mouse with light or medium weight.

Fingertip Grip

This grip mode entails using the mouse with the thumb and 2 fingers while the rest of the hands is off in the mouse. The fingers usually move quickly which makes it among the rarest grip types. Gaming mouse with this grip comes with a flat arch, are both brief, and extremely light.

Button Layout According to the Game

You’ll find unique designs designed to accommodate for a few games more than they do others. By way of example, MMO mice for games such as Star Wars and World of Warcraft come with big added buttons on a single or both sides of the mouse to help bind fundamental skills. In addition, they allow allocating of keyboard capabilities. FPS mice, on the other hand, can have snipping buttons and adjustable weights.

MOBA gaming mice have the extra buttons you could request to allow more input choices.

Programmability and Customization

Being able to turn keys into hot and soft keys makes the game more enjoyable. This is like the snipping purpose for FPS games. Not to mention having the ability to create macros and save game profiles for using the mouse over other PCs.

If it comes to customization, you will wish the options for adjusting the DPI quickly, and easy, as well as choosing a color for your profiles if your mouse has LED backlighting.

Onboard memory is as essential as customization as you may have your settings easily available as soon as you join it to a different computer rather than downloading the software.

Wired vs. Wireless Gaming Mouse

While moving clutter-free, a wireless gaming mouse is always in the picture. When they were introduced, they suffered from lag and short battery lives. Therefore, they were also a no-go zone for gamers. However, with progress, manufacturers have managed to enhance the response times and supply of extended battery life without adding any excess weight. As such, they are now considered equals to the corded mouse, so that it comes down to your own preference.


The substances that produce your mouse determine its capability of managing abuse. Gaming mice undergo a lot like being banged when you lose a game to being full of a crowded backpack and being dropped again and again.

Metal frames are the most lasting, but they are able to add unnecessary weight to the mouse. Plastic gaming mice could be brittle. This means you will have to watch to get a mouse that has manageable weight whilst incorporating durable home-like rubber and metal or plastic and rubber.

Ambidextrous vs. Handed Gaming Mouse

Ambidextrous gaming mice are made to be used with either hand. Those which include extra buttons are costly than ordinary ambidextrous mice. Forgiven mice, they can be used specifically with the right or left hand. They generally have an ergonomic design and buttons that will accommodate the ring or thumb fingers.

Final Words

A gaming mouse is a unique entity of your gaming PC. We’ve researched the industry and come up with our top picks for the Best Cheap Gaming Mouse. We hope these versions will suit your personal style as you choose on gaming to another level. You can expect mice for FPS, MMO, MOBA, and RTG games that are comfy and all come with programmable buttons for an enjoyable gaming experience.

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