Best Cheap Mascaras 2021 (Under $20)

Having larger lashes isn’t something which can be accomplished obviously. Mascaras are used for this function. But many goods are just too expensive to work with on a constant basis. But some of the best cheap mascaras under $20 offer reliable results which don’t have to break your bank. With a couple of big brands along with other rising names in the market, it is worth having a look over a few of those cheap mascaras.

Best Cheap Mascaras

A visit to the drugstore is the first trip to Target. You go looking for one very particular thing–like a prescription or crisis lint roller–and wind up leaving with batteries and trail mix that’ll expire before you open it. However, if there’s one thing that can redeem an ill-fated drugstore run, it is mascara.

It is possible to get an excellent, holy-grail-worthy formula for the price of your average lunch salad, so long as you know where to look–which is where we come in. Here, the best drugstore mascaras that will provide you the appearance of extensions for significantly less.

No matter what is on my shopping to-do list, my pharmacy runs almost always incorporate a quick visit to the makeup aisle to stock up on everything from liquid baits, compact eyeshadow palettes, and my desert island beauty staple, mascaras. I fall into the class of girls with short, stubby lashes, a pity which has led me into botched lash extensions jobs that only made my short, stubby lashes much more sparse. My solution? Nourishing, lengthening pharmacy mascaras that help me fake the look of extensions, sans the harm.

We are huge believers that some of the best beauty items in life don’t have to cost you an entire month’s rent. And since mascara is such a personal product–there really isn’t 1 size fits all–we like to lay out all of the options that are both effective and economical (#frugalbeauty). Short, stubby lashes need different wands and formulas than long, thin ones do, and though the drugstore provides plenty of options to get you to falsie status, there’s the whole”no stressful” part that makes it harder to choose the right one for you.

To assist you make the ideal choice, we shared some of our drugstore mascaras on the market. Keep scrolling to find your mascara match.

From top brands like CoverGirl, Almay and more, this drugstore mascaras are cherished by beauty editors, Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab testers, and internet shoppers. Then, don’t miss our full list of top drugstore beauty locates under $30!

Some people excel in lengtheningothers at volumizingothers at lengthening and separating, still others at tinting your lashes to heretofore unknown depths of blackness, which is part of the fun in deciding upon a mascara these days. And the challenge. Beneath, 11 different makeup artists narrow down the choices for us, if their favourite selections be watertight , clump-proof, flakeproof, or vegan. And no matter that you pick, here is a suggestion from makeup artist Lauren Aiello to the best method for normally enhancing thickness and giving you an extra elevator:”After applying a coat to the underside of your lashes,” she states,”look down and employ one to the top, beginning from the root and combing through, flicking upward at the ends” And naturally, to magnify the outcomes, go for a second coat.

Features to Consider in Cheap Mascaras

The ideal mascaras are now always easy to choose. They come with different designs and this makes them viable for multiple circumstances and many women utilize multiple mascaras. When the results can be observed just after a couple of applications, it’s still suggested to keep your eye on the following aspects.

Brush Shape

The brush kind is the most significant in regards to mascaras. Longer and less dense brushes are acceptable for lash lengthening. A curved brush is appropriate for curving. Fiber brushes come in trend in addition to they coat the lashes before application.


If vivid colors have their place at mascaras, maybe not all choices need to stand out. There are loads of other colors that can be considered to get a mascara that could suit a certain appearance. Navy, burgundy as well as deep sea can be regarded as solid alternatives to black mascaras. The following products are seen as the best by many women.

Top 10 Best Cheap Mascaras 2020 (Under $20)

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Why we like it: With a unique conic-shaped brush, the mascara is suitable for extra volume.

Design features

There is no doubt that the conic form of this mascara will have a number of girls interested. It’s a compact brush that suits it to get additional quantity and carefully-curved lashes. Its design features wouldn’t really advise how cheap the mascara actually is. Obviously, some sacrifices are created to keep the cost low. Among those compromises suggests the second packaging that has been fully removed from the item so as to maintain it exceptionally inexpensive.

There are just two brush types to think about using the mascara. In the event the bristle brush is excellent for many users, then the Sculpted Volume curved brush may be extra useful to produce the quantity effect. Both of these include tasteful black colour. This colour is popular and appropriate for any scenario from informal clothes to important evening outfits.

Convenient features

Aside from the convenient black colors that may match any event, the brushes additionally arrive with durable ingredients. Aside from water, the mascara can be full of beeswax that makes it more acceptable for a long-term impact. But, it’s also understood that wax may be clumsy occasionally. Because of this, it is sometimes a fantastic idea to use body warmth on the mascara first for a couple of seconds, before employing it.

It supplies a courageous appearance which can look as striking as girls desire. At exactly the exact same time, the mix of beeswax and paraffin also signifies the lashes will probably remain in place with additional volume without needing to put money into fake lashes.

The item is analyzed but not on creatures. Additionally, it will come with no gluten free for all those girls who may be allergic to it. However, it might not be advocated for numerous girls with parasitic allergies.


Having a solid effect, the the curved brush of this mascara can produce impactful consequences.

  • Available in two brushes
  • Dense cone-shaped brush
  • Lab-tested formulation
  • A strong and lasting effect
  • Not recommended for bee allergies

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Original Volume Building Mascara

Why we like it: This inexpensive mascara is one of the confirmed answers in opposition to clumps and touchy eyes.

Design features

Many women experience mascaras differently. But among the common problems they relate to come with clumps along with the negative impact extra-dry mascaras have on the lashes. This is the reason the L’Oreal mascara is a suitable option to deal with these issues.

Designed with a dense, long brush, the mascara can be used to get extra volume. But, applying it may be different for certain lashes. A few good reasons to choose the product comprises the extra 5X volume and the standard of the brush, but that relies on the following procedure. First of all, the brush itself must be free from clumps. It is here that many girls would have to apply a second coat. But before doing so, the lashes should actually dry first. This avoids the introduction of extra lumps .

Convenient features

The convenient mascara is available in various colors. Black options are present in high amounts and they include carbon black and blackest black. Deep burgundy and cobalt blue are brave alternatives.

The mascara also will come with a lasting effect. A glance over the list of ingredients will show that the next name on the listing is paraffin. As a type of wax, it is often important to understand that paraffin can clump in low temperatures. It is why the mascara could be stored at the palms for as much as a minute before program. Beeswax can be added together with glycerin to offer a unique advantageous look suitable for any event.


With a dense brush, the mascara is really versatile in color and durable with added paraffin.

  • Made with a dense brush
  • Creates more volume, up to 5 times
  • Available in multiple colors
  • A good addition to the L’Oreal range
  • Thick for some lashes

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Mascara

Why we like it: As one of the mascaras with a totally dense brush, it’s far endorsed for long lashes with high volume.

Design features

The mascara features a exceptional brush, with over 200 bristles that are created for volume. As it’s numerous bristles, the mascara isn’t recommended for lash lengthening as far as it’s for quantity. The great news is that it’s also available in 9 colours. These colours can be matched to the kind of skin, hair and even ensemble of the day.

But the volume of the mascara can be seen too powerful for several lashes. This is the reason the manufacturer does not recommend diluting the mascara. It’s also avoidable adding saliva or water to the mascara for cleanliness reasons.

Convenient features

Applied in one or two coatings, the mascara is extremely strong and it’s a long-term impact. In addition, it can be a good idea to warm this up together with the body , so as to avoid clumps.

Since it also comes with jojoba oil, the mascara includes a hydrating and glistening effect on the lashes. The essential oil is known for its hair advantages. Aside from these benefits, the product comes from a trustworthy producer, so the product is properly tested. Without allergic reactions, it may be considered among the mascaras for sensitive eyes or those wearing contacts. It may be successfully paired with one of the numerous L’Oreal primers of the moment.

Of course, the mascara has its own limits as well. One of these is that the brush size, that’s large, but even too big for smaller lashes. It does not taper in the direction of the cease so this is why some ladies might war to attain the basis of the lashes, at least no longer with out clumps.


As one of the volume-giving mascaras, it comes with a strong impact, combining multiple types of wax.

  • Does not clump
  • Made with a large 200-bristle brush
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Works with L’Oreal highlighters
  • Difficult to coat short lashes

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Million Lashes

L’Oreal Paris Makeup Voluminous Million Lashes

Why we like it: With a micro-brushes wand, the mascara is one of the most famous quantity solutions for best lashes.

Design features

Through the years, the L’Oreal Paris Million Lashes has made its way on top of the preference list for several girls seeking the lashes that are most attractive. Its unique brush with multiple micro-brushes lives up to its name and possible. Each lash is raised with little work and women can depend on it for instant results.

Obviously, no mascara offers its full results from the first program, but Million Lashes is the nearest to this objective. Used at home and at professional salons, the mascara is really unique with its own brush which is instantly recognized from the beauty world.

The plan of this mascara allows for easy application. Because of this, individuals can simply find the product to work to a high quality when applying from the roots towards the endings with no clumps. Removing the mascara is simple. Warm clean soap and water is all that is needed.

Convenient features

There are lots of convenient facets of mascara. One of these is your ophthalmologist-tested formulation. So many products come with negative effects on the eyes, this in itself, is worth mention. Having a look at the list of ingredients, women may also see L’Oreal uses different waxes to make a lasting effect.

The Million Lashes is made out of paraffin, white wax, and beeswax. Together, these waxes offer remarkable results. They are famous for their durable profile and for their ultimate lasting effect. Although they’re found in various amounts in other formulations, they also work great with the specific Million Lashes brush. For this reason, the product is one of the mature alternatives for women to consider.

Avoiding clumps is crucial using mascara. The two mascaras without and with wax are more prone to clumps. If women want the Million Lashes to be as free from clumps as possible, they ought to take a brief break before applying the next coat on the lashes. At the same time, warming the formula up a bit before use is also advisable.


With a exceptional brush and among the tested formulations for eye health, the Million Lashes mascara is suitable for daily use.

  • Made with a unique brush
  • Contains paraffin and white wax
  • Easy application
  • Hard-to-match lifting
  • Not the most appealing smell

It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara

It’s So BIG Volumizing Mascara

Why we like it: The water-based system comes with many natural substances like beeswax to provide a natural answer for volume.

Design features

Made using a corset-style brush, the mascara features lots of great features for such a reduced price. The close of the brush is appropriate to coat hard to reach lashes. The thinner middle part is designed to espouse the lashes for maximum volume. The lower end of the brush assists with curling during program.

This approach delivers optimum amounts of mascara and it avoids one of the ordinary problems causes by brushed and ingredients, clumps. It is suitable for even program. At first, a corset-style brush may not look like the most interesting solution for your exact program. However, after a brief while, it results could become addictive. But the biggest benefit of the layout is the bristles are actually able to achieve the shorter lashes, which is not always the case with regular brushes.

Convenient features

Having a water-based formula, the mascara pride itself on not using specific damaging ingredients. At the exact same period, the mascara can also be advocated for superior separation, which might not always be the case with oil-based formulas.

Based on organic beeswax, the mascara is largely acceptable for women who have experience some side effects like skin redness on account of the artificial ingredients in other mascaras. At the exact same time, the item is also suitable for different events where extensions can be implemented with ease.

Aside from beeswax, the mascara additionally utilizes carnauba wax, which is a rare and costly ingredient in mascara. Its role is to substitute the petroleum-based paraffin. Of course, the consequences of paraffin are still debated because it is not as awful as lots of women think. However, seeing carnauba wax in a mix with beeswax can simply mean that the long-lasting effect of this mascara can be preserved for the entire length of their day.

It resists perspiration, tears, and even water. So it can even be taken into account when going into the gym. It’s one of the main reasons the mascara may also be among the daily choices for busy girls.


With many natural ingredients, the mascara is acceptable for additional volume even on shorter lashes.

  • Resists sweat and tears
  • Made with beeswax and carnauba wax
  • Based on a corset-style brush
  • Made for even application
  • Packaging can be improved

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection

Why we like it: This water-primarily based components makes use of a quick list of ingredients which are already demonstrated for their consequences on the lashes.

Design features

As one of those few lengthening options at this very low price point, the mascara is suitable for ordinary use. While its brush is not specifically targeting quantity first, many women can attest that it actually does a good job at keeping the lashes in place for the entire day.

After implementing it on the lashes, it’s anticipated for it to keep its look even after a long day on the job. Implementing the item is simple. Unlike oil-based formulas, it can really be applied over makeup. Possessing the lashes prepared early in the morning is just one of the advantages of this characteristic that is different. Taking off it lashes is simple as well. There are a couple methods to attain this. But a few girls have noted how simple it is to take out the mascara with coconut oil. Whichever the chosen solution, it is best to make sure lashes are clean at the end of the day.

Convenient features

According to a few all-natural ingredients and two kinds of wax, the item is simple to apply. It is also a good idea for girls who’d like to avoid paraffin products because of certain preferences. Since it’s based on white wax, then the mascara is one of those products which can maintain its look for the whole period of a day.

To preventing clumping, it is advisable to use the mascara in small amounts. A single coat can be sufficient for a few lashes. Nevertheless, the true lengthening effect could be viewed with another coat. The fantastic thing is that the mascara shouldn’t be re-applied through the day. Without a bleach, it stays about the lashes, keeping them in position.


Based on natural wax, the mascara is a substitute for more lashes first.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Can be removed with warm water
  • Lasts through the day
  • Suitable for a thicker look
  • Available in black only

Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première

Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première

Why we like it: Based on paraffin and wax, the mascara offers show-preventing lashes which final.

Design features

It is one of the top products when it comes to durability and comfort. Though the brush is thinner than its choices within this class, it also means it is easier to use. Because of this, women can really find it to be more practical to apply on lashes that are shorter. What’s more, it may be among the choices to think about for improved speed of application. This may be important early in the morning.

Having a true black look, the affordable mascara also has thicker lashes. Even its little brush can properly coat them to a thicker profile. The sot formulation is the thing that enables this thick coating in a couple of attempts.

Convenient features

Using a rich formula, the mascara uses a series of proven ingredients that help the brush prepare the lashes such as quantity. Using synthetic beeswax, the maker also opens the mascara to women who might be allergic to bees. Carnauba wax is also utilized in conjunction. These waxes are held together by paraffin that’s why it allows the lashes to remain in place for a longer time.

Although it isn’t available in any other colour, it might still be all that is needed for a daily formula. The fantastic thing is that unlike most wax mascaras, it maintains its look through the day. There’s no flaking to worry about as there is no need to check the lashes from hour to hour.

But so as to remain free of clumps with so many types of wax, it needs to be evenly applied. It also should be applied in small quantities. Furthermore, the manufacturer also advises using less product to get a more natural appearance instead of the try-hard look frequently seen with mascaras. Eliminating it’s not complex. At the end of the day, women can simply wash and wash the lashes with fresh warm water a couple of times. The lashes are then left to dry naturally.


With a strong formulation, the mascara is recommended for natural lashes even to those allergic to bees and beeswax.

  • Made with synthetic beeswax
  • Formulated with carnauba wax
  • Based on a thin brush
  • Easy to handle
  • May need extra effort on long lashes

Vicious Technology Natural 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

Vicious Technology Natural 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara

Why we like it: Made with natural silk fiber, the mascara is suggested for its thick brush.

Design features

This unique mascara comes with an unmistakable brush. It is one of the thickest brushes to take into account. Because of this, the mascara is mainly acceptable for women who experience difficulties raising the lashes along with different varieties of brushes.

But the brush may not be advisable for teenagers, since it requires a little bit of practice to master such a thick design. Its main issue arises with the lashes towards the borders, which could take a little bit of additional effort to lift and that can see clumps as a outcome. But women who want to enjoy the highest volume can think about the brush for their own daily use.

Convenient features

Made using a water-based formula, the mascara is acceptable for eye safety. Its non-toxic ingredients like the pure silk fiber are highly a good idea for women looking for an improved lift. At precisely the same time, the even coating of the fibers means that the lashes will stay in place for the entire length of their day. In many cases, it is highly acceptable for working women who need to look sharp for the entire day.

Another distinct advantage of the thick brush includes the coating itself. All women should have the ability to achieve their desired effects with one coating. Unlike many other mascaras, the brush may attain the effects without a second coat.

The waterproof formula with natural beeswax also means the product is easy to remove. All components wash out of water. Warm water is suggested for deeper results. Warm water also removes any wax traces greater than cold water.


With such a thick brush, the mascara is recommended for lasting results with one coating.

  • Made with a thick bristle brush
  • Deeply pigmented color
  • Based on washable ingredients
  • Recommended for instant results
  • Shorter lashes might need extra attention

Maybelline Makeup Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara

Maybelline Makeup Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara

Why we like it: This extremely-black mascara is recommended for its nourishing formulation with more Vitamin E.

Design features

With a regular brush that narrows towards the top, the mascara is not hard to apply. Of course, to find the best outcomes, Maybelline actually recommends starting from the exterior and coat the lashes towards the interior.

The brush is considered versatile. It may even be used by women who have never used mascara before. Since the period of the bristles isn’t continuous on the brush, then they can be used in different regions of the lashes. Shorter lashes can benefit from the shorter bristles.

As the design of this brush is user-friendly, so is the actual formulation. One category of girls who could not use mascaras prior to including contact wearers. But now, women who wear contact lenses may utilize the Maybelline mascara with confidence since it includes an approved formulation.

Convenient features

The suitable formulation of this mascara is what can actually determine better overall quantity without impacting the health of the lashes. The water-based formula contains wax and paraffin which keep the lashes in place. The components have already been proven because of their versatility and this is why so many women consider them for the ultimate quantity.

Nevertheless, the nourishing formula goes much farther. The vitamin is known for its hair and skin benefits. Additionally, it allows the lashes to stay softer. During a lengthy period of time, the difference in the outcomes will begin to be notable.

Simply put, the formulation protects the lashes against autumn workouts in time. Even though it gives the lashes a slightly unnatural level of volume, it protects them nourishing them. That is the reason the lashes will drop out in a reduced rate. The formulation can also be free kind afromgens. If the lashes do not have to look the sharpest, girls can simply wash the formula out with sterile water.


With a healthful formula, the mascara provides an outstanding solution for women seeking maximum volume.

  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Includes paraffin
  • Designed with a thick brush
  • Includes Vitamin E
  • Natural look not for all women

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara

Why we like it: As its name shows, the mascara is usually recommended for an excessive appearance which catches interest.

Design features

Based on a straight brush layout, the mascara was designed to lift all lashes to an extreme look. This is why many girls try it to accentuate their eyes and organic features. It is available in Crazy Volume, Volume, and Waterproof versions. For the majority of women, the Crazy Volume variant proves the most successful.

Having a cruelty-free formula, the item is made without any animal testing. It is why it would be among the solutions to think about for vegans. Having an abrasive brush, the volume effect remains as surprising as expected.

Convenient features

The suitable formulation of the mascara is in fact based on an established formula. Euphorbia wax can also be added to the formula. These waxes work together to offer a different effect which lasts throughout the day.

Based on a solid formulation and among the greatest brushes from Essence, the mascara is capable of offering a intricate look, which can be even exaggerated occasionally. That is why it is not advisable for girls who simply would like a more natural look. After the mascara has to be removed, women can do so using fresh warm water.


Having an extreme look, this pure mascara is advisable for stringent lashes over natural appearances.

  • Made with euphorbia wax
  • Designed with a large brush
  • Suitable for an extreme look
  • Available in a waterproof version
  • Too extreme for some women

FAQ Mascaras

Are mascaras safe for the eyes?

Most mascaras ought to be secure for your eyes. Apart, from considering personal limitations like irritable skin, mascaras additionally have to be made with ingredients that are safe.

Which brush is best?

All mascaras have various brushes. As a result, they come with a different lifting result.

Are all mascaras tested?

Not all mascaras are lab-tested or perhaps ophthalmologist-tested. It is always advisable to abide by accredited products.

Can the best results be seen from the first use?

Some of those best mascaras have visible effects from the first program. However, a lot of women can attest that the best results can only be observable from the second application.

Can mascara be used with makeup?

Most mascaras may be used with cosmetics, depending on the components that they use.

Can I sleep with mascara on?

Women can sleep with mascara on. But for hygiene functions , this is not highly recommended. To prevent clumps, it is advisable to remove mascara in the end of the day.

How to choose the best cheap mascaras under $20

Even so, some mascaras might work well for many girls and not so well for many others. In truth, all kinds of mascaras may take some practice as lotions are different from product to product.

Type of brush

The type of brush is one of the key reasons women choose to upgrade their mascaras. Oftentimes, the lifting effect promises are the best but can be different in training. It’s with these lashes that women insist using a second or third program but this may also result in clumps.

The number of bristles has an immediate impact on the lifting impact on the brushes. But every product includes another variety of bristles and brush contours. They are beneficial for most lashes and they are able to come with outcomes from the first application. But, curved brushes could be popular also.

The effects that these brushes provide is marginally different. Straightening exaggerated and brushes brushes are at the ends of this spectrum of brushes. Straightening brushes are used to provide the lashes a more extended appearance. Their intense lift is far from a natural lash look. However, it’s mainly a matter of preference on how girls want their lashes to look like.

Ingredients list

Arguably at least as important as the brushes , the components in mascaras additionally need to be chosen carefully. Some of the top options of this moment are made to represent a sustainable merchandise that might be utilized everyday.

A couple popular ingredients contain paraffin and one kind of wax like beeswax. They’ve proven effects in keeping up the amount of the lashes. At the same period, in rare situations, women might be allergic to such ingredients. Beeswax may also not be suitable for girls with bee allergies. Fortunately, there are alternatives for the two of these ingredients. At precisely the same period, synthetic wax products can be found as well. They could give an alternative to natural beeswax.

Interestingly, a few of these top all-natural ingredients are still found in cheap mascaras. For this reason, the same effect can be accomplished with these mascaras as with more superior options in the ideal conditions.

Contact lenses and exceptions

Additional ingredients, to take into account include forms of alcohol. Sometimes, contact lens wearers will need to place special attention on those ingredients. Some of the best cheap mascaras include an ophthalmologist-tested formula. While this does not have to necessarily mean the mascara is safe to use, it ought to be an extra reassurance on the components in the mascara.

Women wearing contact lenses should always remove the mascara at the close of the day, together with the contacts. Since leaving the mascara on may lead to irritation on top of potential distress from the contacts, it is a good idea to keep an eye on how the eyes react, especially when altering mascara solutions. During the first days with a new product, girls should determine if the skin around the lashes turns red or swells. Properly removing the mascara is important also, not only for girls wearing contacts. It represents a procedure where clean water has to be properly used. Warmer water may make the process simpler as well.

Final considerations

A number of the best cheap mascaras of this moment are made to a high quality, in spite of an reasonable price. Even top producers offer you cheap mascaras and it is up to the users to find the right item. However, as with any beauty product, deciding on a product on newspaper is different from actually using it in person. This is why girls should really try unique mascaras in the exact same time to see the gap in the lash look.

But choosing the best cheap mascaras can be an issue of innovation. Many of the brushes found on the market come with a unique design. This means that the patented layouts can’t be replicated by any other manufacturer. Together with the ideal number of bristles and the right ingredients, they can offer a unique look.

Since the majority of women apply mascara in the morning, the result should last throughout the day. This is why the ingredients of this product are at least as important as the real brush layout. It is also why it’s advisable to try unique brushes and perhaps even different formulations with other ingredients. While the products themselves can be made to save money with steps such as not including second packing, cheap mascaras are still very reliable for daily usage.

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