Best Cheap Projectors 2021 (Under $200 / $100)

A projector may be useful both in home and at work. The best cheap projectors under $200/$100 can offer sufficient electricity in both situations. The best projectors are now made to provide reliable projections with improved durability, connectivity options, and higher supported resolution. Even 1080p HD pictures can be projected with some of the best devices in this category.

Projectors get you that the cinema experience in your own house. But you need to be cautious when fishing for a fantastic projector purchase. Cheap imports often have ineffective or flat-out made-up specs. That’s why we’ve put together a listing of the best projector deals and bargains worth your while. Below you’ll find projector sales out of top brands and reliable retailers like Amazon so you make a house theater experience of your dreams.

Why go to get a projector instead of a huge screen? Advantages of a projector include a more cinematic experience in your home with a huge picture, great resolution and comparatively low cost.

It is possible to get a solid projector for far less than a good 65-inch TV. There are some downsides here, also, including caring for a lamp, lower resolution compared to today’s mid-price TVs and less-than stellar performance in a smart area, but the pros far outweigh the cons.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of watching films, TV shows or sports matches on a large projector screen without wasting all your savings, you have landed on the right article. We spent 44 hours researching the best budget projectors that won’t break your bank, and came up with this list based on their quality, durability, functionality and more.

These days even the lowest priced home entertainment projectors can put up a terrific big screen film regardless of their dirt cheap prices. The native resolution of these projectors is 1920 x 1080, which is ideal for the screen of Blu-ray movies and Full HD 1080p movie out of streaming sources such as VUDU, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. The majority of the projectors below put out plenty of light to fill a 120″ diagonal screen, as well as larger. That is 3 times the magnitude of a 70″ flat panel TV – large enough to give you the truly immersive movie theater experience on your home.

Beyond the stunning picture size, another crucial advantage of the projector is that it provides you the beauty and balance of organic reflected light, just like you experience in a commercial movie theater – not the warmth you get from a flat panel TV. Large screen TVs are great for lights-on seeing in amusement rooms, but as soon as you have the quality of light and the massive screen size of genuine home theater, you will see that stepping up to a top quality home theater projector brings you to a new world of visual entertainment that’s impossible to get from a 70″ TV. And that step up in quality is cheaper than with this assortment of the current best selling home theater projectors under $750.

Features to Consider in Cheap Projectors

Making the proper decision is usually based on comparing a few projectors. But there are lots of features that can actually be included in a device and have a peek at the most crucial ones could be all that is needed.

Image resolution

For many home users, a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and a resolution of 1920X1080p offers a nice experience. It is suitable for movies and gambling, turning the home projector into a true entertainment device.

Lamp life

The lamp of the projector can be the first component to break in time. But it is suggested to choose an LED lamp which offers up to 50.000 hours of proven lamp life.

Cooling technology

Cooling the projector is essential to keep it working in proper parameters. But the coolers inside the projector are also loud sometimes. Noise levels could be significant for many users, particularly when the projector is used every day.

Best Cheap Projectors Under $200

Here you can find the list of Top Rated Best Budget Projectors Under $200 with their Pros and cons and detailed buying reviews. Choosing the Best Cheap Projectors Under $200 is now easy with our comprehensive Best Projectors buyer’s guide.

These projectors unite great compatibility with a solid lumen output. They are suitable for home use as they also include built-in speakers. They also support HD image resolution.

Vankyo Leisure 510 Full HD Movie Projector

Why we like it: With a pointy image, the 3000:1 assessment ratio projector is appropriate for watching films at excessive picture quality.

Design features

With manual keystone and attention adjustments, the projector is as reliable as other top names in its class. It comes with a solid structure which may be relied upon even if used to watch movies or play games on a daily basis.

The Vankyo Leisure 510 is one of the projectors which can be connected to a high number of devices. One of the main concerns of those buying a new projector faces the compatibility choices of this device. But users should rest assured that it can really be linked to a high number of devices. It works with popular gaming consoles such as PS3, PS4, and Xbox. It may connect to PCs, laptops, iPads, etc.. These connectivity options really make it appropriate for different applications, not only for watching films.

Convenient features

Together with 3.800 Lux LED power, the projector is strong. It might not be the most powerful on the market for mild power, but it covers the requirements of those planning to use it up to 18 feet away. Obviously, the true projection space can be contingent on the room it is actually utilised in.

Supporting 1080p HD images, the projector comes with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 to provide good comparison in altering light conditions. Up to 50.000 hours of LED lamp life hours can be accomplished with the projector, which is significant given its low price point.

Other notable characteristics include both X 3W built-in speakers that may be used as a base for a multimedia experience. In case the prior release was a bit loud, this was marginally improved with the current projector. The fans are improved so that they perform at low sound. Uninterrupted usage can go around 3-4 hours before the projector needs to be paused, as advocated by the manufacturer.


Able to paintings with HD picture satisfactory, supplying audio system, a long listing of connectivity alternatives and an progressed cooling gadget, the projector is a popular desire for the house person.

  • Supports 1080p HD video
  • Connects to computers, smartphones, and consoles
  • Made with a lamp life of up to 50.000 hours
  • Installs in minutes
  • Not the loudest audio level

Tainidi Video Projector 3600Lux

Tainidi Video Projector 3600Lux

Why we like it: With a low noise overall performance and an image decision of 1920 X 1080p, the projector is appropriate for domestic use.

Design features

As among the most reliable compact projectors, Tainidi offers enhanced mechanics and optics which make it even more suitable for home usage. With a better heating system, it manages to push hot air out more economically, towards the side. But its cooling system is not only enhanced in the way it handles airflow since it’s also less noisy with the latest Tainidi release.

The projector comes with durable optics. Its lamp is made to resist up to 50.000 hours of usage. Even protecting the lens from scratches and dust is a priority to your manufacturer.

This additional protection may also produce the projector suitable for use beyond the house. It can easily be taken to work where it would suit presentation in smallish rooms. In addition, it can be used by students in smaller classrooms for presentations that are excellent.

Convenient features

Even if it comes with can be seen as a compact dimensions, the projector remains viable in the parameters best products get the job done. For instance, it offers the first reliable results at a distance of 4.9 ft. The pictures remain qualitative up to a distance of 18.4 ft.

It has been maintained that the projector is 70 percent shaper within its previous release and this is accurate, within these space parameters. There is a 2.000:1 contrast ratio which a few users claim to be optimum for home usage.

But since it can manage all kinds of videos, the projector is beneficial for different uses. From watching movies to playing with the toughest latest games while appreciating top graphics, the projector is suitable for the purpose. It is why it really will come with HD picture service. Its native resolution of 1920 X 1080p recommends it for versatile use.


With stepped forward cooling and a durable lamp, the projector can be used at domestic or in small meeting rooms.

  • Supports HD images
  • Made with improved noise levels
  • Designed with a slide lens cover
  • Suitable for light commercial use
  • Navigation menus can be simplified

WiMiUS P18 4000 Lumens LED Projector

WiMiUS P18 4000 Lumens LED Projector

Why we like it: With 16M colorations and four.000 lumens, the projector is suitable for daytime film-looking.

Design features

Ready for a true multimedia experience, the projector is among the powerful products to consider at such a reduced price. It comes with an HDMI interface, a USB port, and an AV port. The choices which derive from these vents include laptops, tablet computers, PCs, DVD players, Chromecast, TV boxes, and gaming consoles.

All these have another demand on the projector. By way of example, a movie may last up to two hours while gaming can last much longer. However, the cooling system of the projector should improve its performance as the hot air is dissipated effectively in all directions.

There is a 3-years warranty on the projector. In this time period, the manufacturer will resolve any problems which could occur. The top notch news is that customers have a devoted 24/7 lines for any issues they could come upon.

Convenient features

The biggest advantage of the projector includes all the 4.000 light power. If at 2.000 lumens, many projectors are really acceptable for dark states, the WiMiUS projector readily handles daylight projections. While it’s still not the most powerful light on the current market, it is still one of the brightest in the affordable range.

Concerning image quality and functionality, the projector is up to normal with most of the requirements. It works well with complete HD image resolution. From watching Netflix movies to watching high-quality YouTube videos, it is able to offer a clear and sharp picture.

The projection size up to 5m is 50 to 200″. On the other hand, the recommended viewing distance is currently at about 3m for most users and types of playback. The good news is that at this distance, there is no requirement for outside speakers. Regardless if watching movies or playing games, users can still take full advantage of the very own multimedia experience with built-in speakers.

In 4.000 lumens and complete HD support, the graphics are sharp and brighter. For this function , it would be useful to also look at the projector for light business use in the office, where it could be considered for daylight presentations where it’s light intensity permits a good viewing experience.


As one of the most durable designs in its own class, the project also comes with bright graphics, appropriate for different rooms.

  • Made with 4.000 lumens
  • Supports 4.000:1 image contrast
  • Works with 1080p HD resolution
  • VGA, USB and AV ports included
  • No lens protector

ARTlii HD Projector

ARTlii HD Projector

Why we like it: With keystone and attention adjustment ring, the projector is suitable for most sorts of content.

Design features

The streamlined projector can be placed in a variety of locations to enjoy a good viewing experience. It can be put on a desk, on a stool, on a tripod and even on the ground. Since it includes all-around ventilation holes, it’s suggested to keep it clear from items to allow good air flow. It is the reason why many users can choose to use it at home while projecting their movies or games on a wall.

With an added keystone adjustment ring, users can create their own space for proper image alignment. At precisely the exact same time, there is a front ring to work with as well. Based upon the projection angle and space, users need to adjust the focus to ensure images aren’t blurry and additionally to guarantee maximum sharpness.

With 2 HDMI, a VGA and 2 USB interfaces, the projector may be used with a range of devices and computers. From a desktop to portable devices like laptops, it works with various types of devices. However, its main applications are in the areas of movies and gaming. Of course, it could possibly be used for office work as well, particularly as it includes such a compact size.

Convenient features

At 3.800 lumen, it is one of the most effective solutions in its class. It represents a feasible option for anyone seeking a bright picture. It is also why it can be utilized in states that aren’t perfect. In case a lesser lumen projector could be used in dark rooms, the ARTlii projector can be utilized in various locations where natural lighting is more extreme.

The durable lamp is capable to offer thousands of hours of viewing pleasure. It includes an expected life of up to 45.000 hours, so it can be used for long intervals. What’s more, there are other options for the projector apart from home usage, as it could be used in the workplace for daily meetings. A helping feature for this comes with the added support for a micro SD memory card. As a result, all demonstrations can be loaded within this kind of memory card and seen on the projector.


Compatible with domestic use and mild expert use, the projector helps movies, games, and shows.

  • Made with 3.800-lumen strength
  • Supports 1080p videos
  • Included stereo speakers
  • Made with a micro SD port
  • Lamp life can be longer

GooBang Doo Abox HD Projector

GooBang Doo Abox HD Projector

Why we like it: With a suitable overall performance for night film-looking, the projector is suitable for domestic use.

Design features

Made to connect to a selection of devices, the projector can work with smartphones. For smartphones to join, users should also purchase an HDMI adapter. Otherwise, it links directly via the VGA and HDMI ports.

Practically, the projector is mainly acceptable for laptops, laptops and gaming consoles. Additionally, it works with BluRay or even DVD players for watching films before bedtime. This is really possible as it comes with low noise performance. Having a maximum sound level of 15dB, the projector is acceptable for families with kids, where there has to be a minimal noise level .

Remote control is also added to the pack. It includes simple and intuitive controls. Users can opt to increase or reduce the volume form the dedicated rockers. A mute button is added at the lower end of the remote controller. Navigation buttons are added into the remote control so that consumers can simply choose their desired videos in no time.

Convenient features

The projector includes a native resolution of 1280 X 720. For many users, this may not be enough for image quality. Others might think of it fine. Watching films should still enjoy quality and crisp immersive images. Some details may be missing on 3D graphics when playing games, but this should not stop an enjoyable experience.

At a contrast ratio of 3.000:1, the projector is one of the superior choices to think about in less than perfect conditions. Because of this, users can even feel comfortable watching films or playing games during the day, when the natural light inside the room isn’t quite as good.


Based on a good comparison, even the reduced resolution projector could be contemplated for home usage.

  • Made with 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • Made with a 50.000 lamp life
  • Included speakers
  • Low 15db work noise
  • HDMI adapter sold separately

Best Cheap Projectors Under $100

The Best Cheap Projectors you can best buy right now. If you’re looking for something Best Cheap Projectors Under $100 Reviews. Shop for Best Budget Projectors Under $100 Buying Guide.

While it doesn’t look possible to discover a cheap projector under $100, most users may still select one of the intriguing choices below.

Vankyo Leisure 3

Vankyo Leisure 3

Why we like it: Made to connect to a large wide variety of devices, the projector is suitable for movies and games.

Design features

Ready to be installed in minutes, the projector can be used in the home even by kids. It comes with keystone adjustments and 2-way focus ring adjustments. This allows users to immediately find their particular configuration for sharp images.

The projector ships with a protective bag which means it may be utilized for travel purpose. Kids can take it over to their friends’ house for weekends or parties to watch films. The projector can also be suitable to be mounted on a tripod. It is on a tripod that consumers have the maximum liberty to adjust the projector as high or as low as needed. However, the tripod itself is not contained in the package.

Convenient features

With 60% introduced brightness, the two.400-lumen projector works in most rooms. Of route, its best results are visible in low light conditions. The room doesn’t should be completely darkish, however it allows to dam out some of the natural mild coming in thru windows.

With 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios, most users can find their own appropriate image aspect based on their documents of their origin and personal preferences. In a contrast ratio of 2000:1, the projector is suitable for various kinds of videos, also for the money, it actually comes with a bright performance.

While it connects to PCs, laptops and gaming consoles, the projector can take complete benefit of its local resolution. By a long way, the maximum amazing function of the device comes with its 1920 X 1080 full HD decision. It allows all users to locate rich and specified photos each in movies and with 3-D photographs.

Supporting full HD images, the projector can work with the present day films and TV collection. It is also appropriate for notable video streaming platforms together with YouTube or Vimeo. Kids also can use it to play their favored video games without dropping too much video exceptional.


The projector connects to all devices around the home, even smartphones. It is mostly acceptable for movies and presentations.

  • Offers a lamp life of up to 40.000 hours
  • Works with 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Based on a 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Supports HD images
  • Tripod not included

DR. J Professional 1080P [Bluetooth] Supported Mini Projector

DR. J Professional 1080P [Bluetooth] Supported Mini Projector

Why we like it: The portable projector is one of the pinnacle selections to apply in various rooms across the residence.

Design features

Not many mobile projectors can be as dependable as the Dr. J Professional Mini Projector. It’s specifically designed to be smaller in size than the ordinary projector. It manages to pack a little body which is also suitable for use outside of the home. Users may choose the projector into the workplace where it can be utilized for perform presentations.

But its smaller size does not restrict its real capacity in regards to connectivity and features. It comes with plenty of vents to connect to anything could be linked in the home, beginning with laptops and gaming consoles. Even with such a little body, it succeeds to connect all these devices offering a true multimedia experience.

It also distinctly offers Bluetooth connectivity. This sort of connectivity is mainly acceptable for Bluetooth speakers. If users already have such speakers in home, they can enjoy a better audio experience over what’s achievable using the built-in speakers of this projector.

Convenient features

Working at 3.000 lumens means that the projector is more economical than most of its rivals at this price. It signifies a good performer even when the sun has not gone down entirely. At 1080p, it represents one of the simplest and most efficient designs to utilize, even at the states in which users want to enjoy the full effects and images in contemporary films.

There’s 2000:1 contrast ratio which includes the projector. It might not be the best contrast ratio and it may limit the effects of particular details like accurate black during the day. However, it’s still based on what can be purchased at such a low price.

However, the projector is still a durable option. It’s backed by a 3-year warranty, similarly to what other top brands have to offer you. It also comes with a 40.000 hours lamp life, which can be more than acceptable in this section. All in all, the projector is a future-proof solution as long as users understand its actually performing very well, particularly when the ambient light is not the brightest.


With features like a micro SD slot, the projector could handle a high number of uses including movies and games.

  • Compact and suitable for travel
  • Supports micro SD cards
  • Made with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Works with 1080p resolutions
  • Loud for small rooms

DBPower Mini Projector

DBPower Mini Projector

Why we like it: The complete HD projector is so small that it could be held with a hand. However, it’s far suitable for home use.

Design features

With a few of the very compact designs in its class, the projector represents an interesting option, worth taking into consideration. It comes among the products engineered for your home users who want to watch a movie and play a game from time to time. For these purposes, it comes well connected with USB and VGA ports.

But the small device also comes with an SD card reader, making it more versatile. Getting rid of the need for wires, the memory card can even be an option for people who travel with such a small projector. A weekend away could be appreciated with a great picture which is saved on the memory card. Obviously, it may also be used at the office for simple presentations with the same elastic memory card.

Convenient features

The projector comes with a whole 1080p HD video quality. It is a solution worth considering into account, particularly when searching for the best results in terms of video quality with HD videos. Streaming online videos can be enjoyed with higher definition quality.

One of the constraints of this small projector includes its 15000-lumen performance. For your new home users, this is adequate. However, it needs lower ambient lighting in order to provide images which may be properly enjoyed. It is why watching films with no night curtains during the day can prove to be difficult. But, those who find a simple solution without putting too much pressure on their funding may find it useful.


With a compact size and entire connectivity alternatives, the projector is suitable for the brand new domestic user.

  • Supports HD video quality
  • Made with a compact design
  • Included HDMI connectivity
  • Included keystone correction
  • Only 1500 lumen

T TopVision Mini Projector

T TopVision Mini Projector

Why we like it: HDMI, VGA, USB, and Fire TV sticks are well suited with the compact projector.

Design features

As one of the smallest projectors in its course, the Mini Projector has a lot going for it. As users may immediately notice, it is in fact compatible with a high number of devices, similarly to what is seen on some of the top projectors in the marketplace. At the exact same time, it builds one of the primary options for connectivity choices from the affordable segment.

It connects to a laptop or gaming console as well as into a DVD player, which are the chief regions of use for the projector. Additionally, it may be an inspired gift for children who will use it to enjoy their favorite cartoons, movies, and games.

Convenient features

With 2.4000 lux, the projector is compatible with different options in this class. It is not as bright as superior projectors, but it still offers a trusted design for many home users. For the best image quality, users may also take charge of the guide knobs adjusting focus and keystone.

That is the reason it’s also appropriate for many modern games that now include impressive and realistic images. Up to 50.000 hours of viewing times can be achieved according to this LED light.


Suitable for home use, the apparatus has all of the connectivity options needed for films, animations, and games.

  • Made with keystone correction
  • Supports and LED long 50.000 hours of life
  • Included HDMI cable
  • Included 3-in-1 AV cable
  • No stereo sound

Ragu Z400 Mini Projector

Ragu Z400 Mini Projector

Why we like it: The less expensive mini projector is like minded with HD films and it is able to be related to iOs and Android gadgets.

Design features

The projector includes a distinct black layout, which is suitable for almost any home. Its low price can determine some users to even consider it for their telephones. But additional connectors have to be bought for this compatibility. Android users need to purchase an MHL cable while iOs users need to purchase an HDMI cable and adapter.

But the projector itself offers quality built in speakers and durability that expands up to 50.000 hours, which will be similar to what a few of the best projectors can provide. Although it is not the most advanced projector, its LED technology makes it to be more lasting than expected.

Convenient features

One of the tiny drawbacks of the device is represented by its own single HDMI connector, as most projectors include two HDMI interfaces. However, for those new to projectors, this may not be a massive issue.

With impressive 3.000:1 contrast ratio, the projector offers visible images even throughout the day. While it will not offer the cleverest results in hard light, it might still be sufficient for movies or presentations with the ideal settings.


With an low-cost profile, the projector can be an stimulated first buy for the house user.

  • Made for HD videos
  • Can be connected to smartphones
  • Offers sharp images
  • Improved noise level
  • Only has 1 HDMI port

FAQ Projectors

Do I need a projector screen at home?

A projector screen is not always needed in your home. Movies and games can be projected on the wall. However, a committed screen could marginally enhance the viewing experience.

Can I play games on a projector?

All games can be played on a projector. Both PC and console-based games can be enjoyed on this kind of large image screen.

Is there a difference in HD video quality?

Most cheap projectors offer a 720p or even a 1080p video quality. The distinction is observable, especially when the movie comes in a higher resolution resource.

How long can I continuously use the projector for?

All projectors need breaks from time to time, as required by law. Most of them need to be stopped after 2-3 hours. It’s advisable to read the product’s description for specific times.

Can I use a projector during the day?

If the projector is used when the sun is up, its effects may be restricted by the lumens of the LED light. The higher the lumens, the brighter the graphics will appear.

How to choose the best cheap projector (Under $200/$100)

All users have their own tastes and they’re able to take advantage of these designs by simply allowing themselves to enjoy far better attributes and higher image quality. Even when the budget is restricted, users may still think about the gaps in some of the following attributes.

Lumen and LED lights

Lumen capacity is often the very first feature to check at for home projectors. But the good news is this is really based on a sensible strategy. Many users can simply find their way across the great number of alternatives available simply by looking into the lumen capacity. At the bottom point, the lumen ability of the price range is 1500. In its highest point, the most powerful lumen output in this segment is around 3.800. If the other attributes are as good as they need to be, then the maximum lumen capability is the better choice as it allows users to project slides, movies, and games when the ambient light is not too low.

Video quality

The video quality supported by projectors within this class is between 720p and 1080p. Full HD images are suitable for most users and the capacity offers freedom for users that wish to play movies and watch matches. If the projector is simply used for demonstrations at work, then the HD image capacity becomes less important.

In order to keep the same image quality, users should also do their best to protect the lens of the LED light. Keeping it scratch-free is vital. Keeping it clean and free from dust particles is important also. This is why it’s so important to get the ideal storage solution and when hauled, it’s best to be set in a dedicated travel bag.

Adjustability and controls

The adjustability and controls of a projector are significant, even if on a budget. From a standard remote control to fully remote control, users can benefit from the very simple experience. Volume controls and navigation controls ought to be present on many remote controls. They are supposed to make the experience simpler and also to avoid going back to the computer or smartphone and to produce the sound or movie adjustability.

Controls also refer to Keystone and concentrate adjustability. Finding the right angle is crucial. If users are not really using a tripod, the setup angle is always going to be different. The attention also needs to be adjusted according to variables such as the span to the wall or projector display.

Other controls include the capability to install various devices with the vents that the projector has. This is the reason some of the best options of this moment allow full connectivity. But given these products are primarily made abiding by stringent budgets, it is important to realize that some extra might be required. These extras include smartphone cables like HDMI adapters and cables. For other types of devices like laptops and consoles, users don’t have to buy any extra cables or adapters.


With some of the best cheap projectors under $200/$100, users can watch their favourite movies. Beginning with moves on DVDs and ongoing with internet movies, projectors work with options. Even playing games onto a projector can be a fun adventure. Connecting among the PlayStation consoles or an Xbox console to the projector is potential. This affects the immersive experience of a game. By simulators into shooters, playing on a projector is considerably different from playing on a monitor.

However, these cheap projectors may also be utilized in the workplace. Since most small meeting rooms are acceptable for projectors, creating unique presentations is also possible. Employees can have their very own presentations on the laptop or on an SD card is supported.

For more professional uses like in the workplace, it is also suggested to choose a projector tripod or flip-down ceiling support that can make the projector much easier to utilize when its permanently at the office.

But projectors can also be used as an educative tool at home. Looking through big pictures of maps can be interesting for kids. They can learn about the countries of the world at a new perspective which can actually entice the children to learn. At the same time, a projector may be used without a lot of other extras for entertainment purposes. Since most of them are easy to use, they can be operated by kids as well. The sole safety requirement remains the positioning of the projector. Because most projectors come with strong fans, they need to be set within an area which enables proper air circulation.

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